10 Things to Do in Tenerife in 2024 – Fun and Unique Activities

Tenerife, a gem in Spain’s Canary Islands, invites visitors to bask in its sunny skies, warm weather, and picturesque beaches.

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a family looking for fun activities, Tenerife in 2024 has something special for everyone.

Today, I will walk you through the top 10 things to do in this island paradise and have an unforgettable vacation.

10. Jet Ski Safaris

jet skiing - Tenerife

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, jet ski safaris in Tenerife provide the perfect blend of excitement and exploration.

Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, you’ll navigate the island’s coastline, discovering hidden coves and stunning beaches.

Feel the power of the jet ski as you glide over the waves, the ocean spray refreshing on a sunny day. It’s an adventure that combines the thrill of speed with the beauty of Tenerife’s shores.

9. Teide Observatory

Teide Observatory - Tenerife

Teide Observatory offers a unique chance to look beyond our world and explore the wonders of the universe.

With educational workshops and telescope observations, visitors can learn about celestial bodies and the mysteries of space.

Imagine standing under the night sky, stars twinkling above, as you peer through a telescope to see planets and galaxies far away.

It’s an awe-inspiring experience that highlights the beauty and vastness of the cosmos.

8. Catamaran Excursions

Catamaran Excursions - Spotting Whales

Setting sail on a catamaran excursion in Tenerife means embarking on a journey to discover the island’s stunning coastline and its marine inhabitants.

Imagine the thrill of spotting whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, then diving into crystal-clear waters for a snorkeling adventure.

It’s an opportunity to connect with nature, feel the ocean’s vastness, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

7. Tenerife Light Park

Light Park in Tenerife

Tenerife Light Park illuminates the night with its themed light installations, where ancient Chinese traditions meet modern technological wonders.

Walk through glowing gardens, each light sculpture telling a story, creating a magical atmosphere that captivates the imagination.

It’s a place where art, light, and technology come together to create an unforgettable visual experience, perfect for visitors of all ages.

6. Medieval Adventure

Castillo de San Miguel - Medieval Night - Tenerife

Prepare to be transported to a time of knights and jesters, where jousting shows dazzle and banquets delight.

Medieval Adventure in Tenerife is a dinner show that provides an immersive experience that brings history to life.

Feel the excitement as knights clash in a jousting tournament, and indulge in a feast fit for royalty. It’s a unique way to spend an evening, offering entertainment and a taste of the past.

5. César Manrique Maritime Park

César Manrique Maritime Park

César Manrique Maritime Park is not your average pool complex.

It’s a place where art and nature collide, offering saltwater pools that glisten under the Canary Islands’ sun, a bio-healthy gym for those looking to stay fit, and stunning art installations that capture the imagination.

Imagine lounging by the pool, the ocean’s vastness in front of you, surrounded by creative masterpieces. It’s a tranquil escape that offers both relaxation and inspiration.

4. Submarine Tours

Picture descending into the deep blue sea, surrounded by the serene silence of the underwater world.

Submarine tours in Tenerife offer this unique experience, taking you up to 30 meters below the surface.

With knowledgeable guides explaining the wonders you’ll see, it’s a journey that combines adventure with education.

From colorful fish to mysterious shipwrecks, the ocean’s treasures await those brave enough to explore them.

3. Kart Racing

Tenerife Kart Racing

Kart racing in Tenerife turns an ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure. Tracks designed for all ages mean that whether you’re a seasoned racer or a first-timer, you’ll find excitement behind the wheel.

Feel the wind in your hair as you navigate twists and turns, competing with family and friends for the top spot on the podium.

Kart racing is not just about speed but about creating memories that last a lifetime.

2. Experience the Thrills of Siam Park

Ever wanted to visit Thailand? Siam Park brings a slice of Thai culture to the Canary Islands with its water slides that tower into the sky and a lazy river that meanders through a water-filled paradise.

It’s a world where excitement meets relaxation, offering something for the thrill-seeker and the peace-seeker alike.

Picture yourself plunging down a water slide, laughter in the air, or floating along the lazy river, surrounded by stunning Thai architecture.

Siam Park is a must-visit for anyone looking to add a splash of adventure to their trip.

1. A Visit to Loro Parque

Loro Parque,Tenerife

Loro Parque stands as a beacon of wildlife conservation and entertainment. Not just any zoo, it’s a place where you can witness a vast array of animals from around the globe.

Imagine walking through lush, green landscapes, marveling at exotic birds, and learning about the importance of preserving our natural world.

Loro Parque offers not just a day of fun but an opportunity to see nature’s beauty up close, with educational shows that bring you closer to understanding the animal kingdom.


Do I need to book tickets in advance for Siam Park?

Yes, booking tickets in advance for Siam Park is highly recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure entry on your preferred day.

Can children participate in the jet ski safaris?

Children can participate in jet ski safaris but must be accompanied by an adult. Age restrictions may apply, so check with the provider.

Are there any night tours available at Teide Observatory?

Yes, Teide Observatory offers night tours that allow for stargazing and telescope observations under the guidance of astronomers.

Is snorkeling equipment provided on catamaran excursions?

Snorkeling equipment is typically provided on catamaran excursions, but it’s always best to confirm with the tour operator beforehand.

Are the submarine tours suitable for those prone to seasickness?

Submarine tours are generally suitable for those prone to seasickness due to the stable and smooth nature of the underwater journey.

Is there a specific time of year that’s best for dolphin and whale watching in Tenerife?

Dolphin and whale watching can be enjoyed year-round in Tenerife, but the best visibility and higher activity levels are usually between April and October.

Final Words

Tenerife, with its diverse array of attractions, offers something for every type of traveler. From the adrenaline-pumping excitement of Siam Park and jet ski safaris to the educational experiences of Loro Parque and Teide Observatory, the island promises adventures that are both thrilling and enriching.

Whether you’re exploring the depths of the ocean on a submarine tour, stepping back in time at Medieval Adventure, or marveling at the artistry of Tenerife Light Park, your visit in 2024 will be filled with moments of joy, wonder, and discovery.

So pack your bags, set your sights on Tenerife, and prepare for an unforgettable journey in this sunny paradise.