How Long Will the Construction of the 3rd Lane on the South Tenerife Motorway Take?

The Tenerife Cabildo has announced significant construction updates that will affect the TF-65 road in Las Chafiras. This important project involves the construction of the third lane on the South Tenerife Motorway, focusing on the section between San Isidro and Las Americas.

The work includes the new Oroteanda to Las Chafiras junction, aimed at improving traffic flow and reducing congestion.

Details from the Department of Roads

The construction will bring necessary changes for the initial earthworks required for new access ramps leading to the Chafiras overpass at kilometre 62 +314m. This is a critical phase in the overall motorway expansion project.

It requires the closure of the right-hand lane of the TF-65 heading towards San Miguel, specifically from the El Camello roundabout (new junction) to the northern roundabout of the Chafiras junction. This lane closure is essential to ensure the safety of both the workers and motorists during the construction period.

Schedule and work details

Tenerife motorway construction

Start date and time: The construction will commence on Monday, June 3rd, at 7:30 am. This early start time is intended to make the most of daylight hours and minimize disruption during peak traffic periods.

Initial work: The first phase involves the installation of horizontal and vertical signage and barriers. This setup is crucial for guiding traffic safely through the construction zone and ensuring clear communication of the new traffic patterns to drivers.

Subsequent work: Following the setup, machinery for earthworks will be introduced. This phase will involve heavy equipment and will be the most intensive part of the project, requiring careful coordination and safety measures.

Duration: The construction is expected to last for two weeks. This timeline is subject to change based on weather conditions and any unforeseen challenges that may arise during the project.

Completion date: The project is scheduled to be completed by June 17th at 6:00 pm.

Motorists are advised to plan their routes accordingly and anticipate possible delays during this period. Alternative routes should be considered to avoid the construction area whenever possible. The Tenerife Cabildo appreciates the public’s understanding and cooperation during the construction work. These improvements are part of a larger effort to enhance the overall infrastructure and safety of the Tenerife and South Tenerife Motorway.