Road Taxes

As most people know and expect you have to pay road taxes, Impuesto de Rodaje or Impuesto sobre vehículos de tracción mecánica, here in Spain annually. The amount to be paid varies dependent on the size of the engine the cv and now sometimes on the emission rates as specified by certain town halls.

Each town hall has slightly different rates and they also generally have [...]

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Barranco fall

Police are investigating how a man suffered serious injuries after falling off a wall into a barranco in Tenerife.

The incident happened at about 10.45am in the morning  at Barranco Santos at the top of the Serrador bridge.

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Woman dies at Playa del Duque

There was drama and upset on the beach at Playa del Duque when a 65-year-old woman lost her life.

The tragedy happened  in the mid-afternoon when the 1-1-2 service received a call to report that swimmers had rescued a woman from the sea near some rocks.

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Woman dies in head-on crash

A 43-year-old woman died from injuries received after her car was involved in a head-on crash with a bus in Lanzarote.

Another woman, aged 30, who was in the same car suffered multiple injuries and was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

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“ExpoTenerife – History made easy

In 1975 an ultramodern documentary presentation was produced about Tenerife in multivision and in 20 minutes it gave you a memorable and exciting introduction to the Island of Tenerife.  Now after 40 years it has been carefully re-mastered and digitalised by Toby Baillon and can be seen at special screenings at the Customs House in Puerto de la Cruz.

The economic development of the Canary Islands, [...]

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Live Arico pets animal welfare supporters (PAWS)

Dog of the Week – Russell

Russell is just over a year old, and has grown into a medium to large sized dog. He has been with us his whole life, so really needs the chance to live in a real family environment. He is very friendly – could you give him a chance?   For more information call Sue on 629 388102. Adopt don´t buy – every [...]

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City’s martial arts school is booming

Santa Cruz council is delighted to give its continued backing to a sports club enjoyed by a huge number of children.

The city has renewed its agreement with Jacinto Nazco and Club Samurái for the contract ton run the Municipal School of Karate. The signing took place recently between the renowned martial arts teacher and sports councillor  Zósimo Darias.

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Shell-fish could have caused serious health problems

Shell-fish seized by police in Spain had been collected in areas where health authorities had recorded high levels of the E-coli bacteria.

The illegal trade could have made people eating them very sick with sickness, severe abdominal cramps, fatigue and fever.

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Show with 1,000 surprises

An unusual production which promises the audience “striptease, dizzy choreography, costume changes, improvisations and 1,000 other surprises!” will conclude its latest tour in Gran Canaria.

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Urgent police alert as false kidnap calls target families

Police have issued an urgent warning to alert parents to a horrible telephone scam which claims their children have been kidnapped.

More than a dozen people from different provinces have already reported incidents and officers believe others have been targetted and may continue to be so.

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