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Introducing your kitten to your children

Children and cats can be best friends for life but first impressions count. Our tips will help get their relationship off to the best start! Before collecting your kitten Encourage your child to get involved with the practical side of pet ownership by drawing up a shopping list of things your pet will need when they come to live ...Full Article

RSPCA calls for support for its #BangOutOfOrder campaign

Animal charities are calling for much tighter restrictions on fireworks after once again revealing a catalogue of complaints and incidents in the build-up to and aftermath of November 5th. ...Full Article

Be prepared for your pets if flooding should hit your home

The horrific scenes of flooding in parts of Spain last week were also accompanied in some of the Spanish press by reports and pictures of pets being rescued and, ...Full Article

What to do if your dog gets stung

Dogs love to chase buzzing insects but getting too close can be dangerous. It’s better to get your dog to leave bees and wasps alone as stings can cause ...Full Article

How you can spot and help a grieving cat

Cats may show signs that could be interpreted as grief, including loss of appetite, crying or searching. Keeping your surviving cat’s routine the same will help them to cope ...Full Article

Responsible pet ownership, even on holiday

The arrival of summer means that the number of travellers increases compared with other holiday periods Those who own pets should plan these leisure periods in a different fashion ...Full Article

How to keep cats cool in the summer

Pale-coloured cats are vulnerable to sunburn; particularly on their ears, noses and sparsely haired areas. Sun damage can lead to skin cancer which may require extensive surgery – even ...Full Article

Breaking up but who gets custody of the pet?

Experiencing a relationship breakdown is usually a stressful time for all parties involved. It can be made even more upsetting when considering what to do about your pet. Many ...Full Article

How to keep horses cool in the summer

Make sure your horse has access to a shady area or shelter so they can keep out of the sun’s rays and the flies on hot summer days. Try ...Full Article

Get the perfect picture of your pet!

Here are some top tips for taking great photos of your dog, cat, horse or rabbit Plan it in, put time aside to try different things. Schedule your shoot ...Full Article
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