|Thursday, May 6, 2021
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News from Spain

Top athletes were customers of illegal hormone supply network

Spanish police say national and international athletes are under suspicion of illegally buying the hormone drug Erythro-poietin after a huge sports doping network was uncoverted. The operation has led to the arrest of six people and the discovery of more than 850 doses of EPO, the largest seizure of its kind in Europe. Those involved had ...Full Article

Police crack gang peddling counterfeit dollars

National Police have arrested eight people in the Coruña town of Ribeira for being part of one of the most active criminal organisations in the introduction ...Full Article

A message from British Consul Charmaine Arbouin to UK nationals in Spain

The Withdrawal Agreement which sets out how the UK leaves the EU has now passed into UK law, alowing the UK to leave the EU with ...Full Article

Spain faces huge repair task after Storm Gloria claims 13 lives and reaks massive damage

A massive multi-million euro operation is swinging into action following the devastating effects of Storm Gloria across Spain, including to favourite holiday destinations. At least 13 ...Full Article

Smuggling attempt shocks police as child found in dashboard

This is the shocking moment police discovered a child squeezed into the dashboard of a car in a bid to smuggle him into Spain. The hidden ...Full Article

Spanish authorities crackdown on illegal wells

Spain has been cracking down on the illegal driling of water holes across the country, many of which are causing a danger to people as they ...Full Article

Manufacturing gang arrested for copying top-brand cigarettes

National Police, in a joint operation with the Civil Guard and the Tax Agency, have broken up a criminal group which specialised in the clan-destine manufacture ...Full Article

Five major targets as Balearics reveal new onslaught against drunken tourism

Island leaders in Mallorca and Ibiza say plans to launch a new campaign against drunken holidaymakers with the first European crackdown on “alcohol abuse in tourist ...Full Article

Dangerous marijuana gang used cars stolen from the UK

Police in Spain have busted an international criminal organisation which flooded Europe, including the UK, with genetically modified marijuana, using cars stolen from Britain, such as ...Full Article

Illegal puppy farm breeders cut vocal cords of noisy dogs

Police in Spain have rescued 270 Chihuahua dogs which were bred illegally and had their vocal cords cut to stop them barking and raising suspicions over ...Full Article
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