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Financial News

Time to take interest in your investment options

These are challenging times for investors, especially for those looking for growth through low-risk investments. Bank interest rates around much of the world remain extremely low. The UK rate has been stuck at 0.75% for a year – you would now have to go back over ten years to find the last time it went over 1%. In the ...Full Article

Protecting your wealth and financial security

You have worked hard to build up savings, whether investments or pensions, to allow you to enjoy a long and comfortable retirement in the lifestyle you were planning for. ...Full Article

Planning a tax-efficient move to Spain

If you’ve been dreaming about living full time in the Canary Isles but haven’t yet, what’s stopping you? While many people need to wait until retirement, for others it ...Full Article

Six tips for protecting and growing your savings

Amidst today’s climate of global uncertainty and prolonged low interest rates, careful planning is particularly important to secure long-term financial security. These six key tips can help. Establish a ...Full Article

Spain cannot discriminate against non-EU/EEA countries for succession and gift tax

If you have family living outside the EU/EEA, they should no longer have to suffer higher taxes imposed under the state rules for Spanish succession and gift tax. This ...Full Article

Estate planning for UK nationals in Spain

British expatriates living in Spain need to be aware of, and plan for, a number of inheritance issues Your last will and testament If you live in Spain, it ...Full Article

Do you know where you are domiciled? Are you sure?

For British expatriates, understanding domicile is an important element of estate planning. It is domicile, not residence, that determines your liability for UK inheritance tax. Domicile is a complex ...Full Article

Take control of your finances in an uncertain world

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes – this has never seemed more true! However, there are some things you can be sure of and ...Full Article

Should you transfer a final salary pension? Six questions to help you decide

If you were offered £235,000 now or an inflation-proofed £10,000 a year for the rest of your life, what would you choose? This is a similar dilemma faced by ...Full Article

Should you keep hold of UK investments in Spain?

However well we have settled into our new way of life in the Canary Isles, many UK nationals living here continue with some British lifestyle habits.  Whether it is ...Full Article
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