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Emma & Graham Swain

Fines and road sanctions in Spain

There are many laws and rules that have implications for either fines or sanctions and in this issue we are going to cover some of them. Some of the issues concern things that are very obvious such as using a mobile phone whilst driving and using radar detector devices.

Spanish government implements new measures to improve safety on roads

The Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz has recently announced that they will be introducing a new seven point action plan across Spain which they hope ...Full Article

Caring for your car: cam belts

Most cars use a cam belts, often referred to as timing belt. These belts form an integral part of the engine and are vital for its ...Full Article

Clarification of driving licence fines

We are often asked will I be fined if I don’t exchange my driving licence when driving in Spain. Well there are at least two answers ...Full Article

What to do when stopped by the police for a routine check

The security services throughout the world i.e. in Spain the Guardia Civil, Policía Local and Policía Canaria have to as part of their day to day ...Full Article

Offences that carry fines and/or points loss

Following on from our last article we are going to cover some more offences that many drivers are guilty of , and which in turn can ...Full Article

Beware of the insurance legislation being enforced by the DGT

The DGT now have, and have had for some time, at their disposal the means to check that a vehicle has the necessary and obligatory minimum ...Full Article

Bad habits that can incur fines

We are all aware that having passed our tests and having been driving for some time we often fall into bad habits when driving. Whilst some ...Full Article

European directive regarding traffic fines and sanctions

Last year saw the implementation of a new European Law with regards to Traffic fines within member countries. This law has permitted the authorities in the ...Full Article

Drugs tests in 2016

The Interior Ministry has recently announced that on the behalf of the Guardia Civil DGT, they intend to carry out far more road-side drug tests during ...Full Article
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