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Emma & Graham Swain

Exchange of foreign driving licences

There was a lot of publicity earlier this year and at the end of last year regarding the new laws being implemented regarding foreign driving licences. As we are now approaching the end of 2015 the DGT amnesty that was introduced in March of this year regarding fines and the time permitted to get paperwork in order will expire ...Full Article

Changes to registration of brand new cars

As we all know there are constant changes in Spain with regards to laws, rules, regulations and of course the dreaded paperwork. Currently cars have two manually produced (although ...Full Article

Use of mobile phones or smart phone devices

At some point in our driving career we have all answered or attempted to answer a telephone call on our mobile phone whilst driving. This we all know is ...Full Article

EU diretive regarding traffic fines

Foreigners driving in countries other than their own are often unsure of traffic regulations in the country in which they are driving and in some cases merely choose to ...Full Article

Tow bars and towing regulations in Spanish territory

The rules and regulations regarding the fitting and use of tow bars in Spain are very different to the UK. If you need to tow a trailer or indeed ...Full Article

Seatbelts and safety

The Guardia Civil have announced that they will be intensifying the spot checks on road users for the correct use of seat-belts by all passengers, including children travelling in ...Full Article

Speed limits

In Spain there were no speed limits on roads until the petrol crisis in 1974 when they established a speed limit of 130 km/h. In 1976 with the second ...Full Article

Speedo readings

For quite some time now when you take a car for an ITV the kilometres are recorded and placed on their records. This involves not only them storing it ...Full Article

Driving abroad

I am sure we will all have heard by now the term Middle Lane Hogger here being used in Spain for drivers who only use the centre lane on ...Full Article

The L Sign on cars in Spain

We have all seen cars being driven around, sometime erratically and sometimes very slowly with a Green L sign displayed in the back and may have thought quite innocently ...Full Article
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