|Monday, January 20, 2020
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Emma & Graham Swain

It’s that time of year again

With Christmas and New year approaching there will be lots of parties, get togethers and family gatherings. Whilst this can be a very happy time of the year, drivers and pedestrians must be mindful of the dangers this season brings. Of course, the most im-portant is to remember the age old saying “Don’t Drink and Drive” which is probably ...Full Article

Servicing your car

Regular car servicing, whilst seeming sometimes an expense you put at the back of your mind, can in the long term actually save you money. Having your car regularly ...Full Article

The dreaded roundabouts in Spain and how you should use them

Most foreign, and even local drivers in Spain find the prospect of using a roundabout daunting and at times frustrating as so many people seem to have their own ...Full Article

Brexit and UK driving licences

We are trying to keep our clients informed as much as possible regarding the exchanges of UK licences to a Spanish one and how Brexit is likely to or ...Full Article

Vision and driving

Do you know whether your sight is really good enough to be driving safely? A recent survey was carried out and concluded that more than eight million drivers do ...Full Article

Tyres and what you need to know

Tyres form an integral part of the car and the type of tyres recommended along with the permitted wear and depths are there for the safety of the driver, ...Full Article

ITV and insurance obligations

In past years, you could go to the ITV station with your car and papers and go through the ITV test and leave, if passed with your sticker and ...Full Article

The importance of keeping information up to date

In this issue we are going to remind our readers of why it is important to keep their address and other things up to date, bearing in mind recent ...Full Article

Changes in law in Spain re driving licences

As from 1 July 2019 there has been a change in category B (private car) license holders entitlement to drive. The law means that those holding a category B ...Full Article

Ways to check your car is road legal

The Guardia Civil have advised that if you want to save yourself an 800 euro fine then use the coin trick. We will explain. Our vehicle needs be in ...Full Article
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