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The P A S System in Spain and what it means and entails

As in all countries in the event of an accident or incident the primary concern should be of the safety of those concerned. The Emergency Services have a system called P.A.S which is Proteger, Avisar y Soccorer. This does not translate literally for us into English but it means essentially Protect, Advise and Assist. These three ...Full Article

The risk of older vehicles

As we enter a more technical and computerised world, which is advancing very rapidly, the risks of older cars and their safety becomes more apparent. There ...Full Article

Keeping your address up to date

Most people will be completely unaware that if they do not keep the authorities up to date, and this includes Tráfico they will be unlikely to ...Full Article

Possibly the most common reason for a car breakdown

Probably the most common reason for a car breakdown or its failure to start is because of a battery. In the UK we normally associate this ...Full Article

What should I carry in the car?

As we are in the festive season, you will no doubt have noticed more police about on the roads and for this reason we feel it ...Full Article

It’s that time of year again

With Christmas and New year approaching there will be lots of parties, get togethers and family gatherings. Whilst this can be a very happy time of ...Full Article

Servicing your car

Regular car servicing, whilst seeming sometimes an expense you put at the back of your mind, can in the long term actually save you money. Having ...Full Article

The dreaded roundabouts in Spain and how you should use them

Most foreign, and even local drivers in Spain find the prospect of using a roundabout daunting and at times frustrating as so many people seem to ...Full Article

Brexit and UK driving licences

We are trying to keep our clients informed as much as possible regarding the exchanges of UK licences to a Spanish one and how Brexit is ...Full Article

Vision and driving

Do you know whether your sight is really good enough to be driving safely? A recent survey was carried out and concluded that more than eight ...Full Article
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