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A pain in the neck

Managing neck pain or a stiff neck at home is achievable if you follow some simple steps. Whatever the cause of neck pain or a stiff neck, the advice is generally the same: carry on with your normal lifestyle, keep active and take painkillers to relieve the symptoms.

Work those pelvic muscles

The pelvic floor muscles are located between your legs and run from your pubic bone at the front to the base of your spine at the ...Full Article

How to control dandruff

Dandruff is a common skin condition that causes flakes of dead skin to appear in the hair. It can make the scalp feel itchy but the ...Full Article

How to relieve indigestion

Treatment for indigestion (dyspepsia) will vary depending on what is causing it and how severe your symptoms are. If you have indigestion only occasionally with mild ...Full Article

Watch out for gout

Gout is a type of arthritis, in which crystals of sodium urate produced by the body can form inside joints. The most common symptom is sudden ...Full Article

Self-help tips for mouth ulcers

If you have a mild mouth ulcer, there are some steps you can take yourself to help your ulcer to heal more quickly. Use a soft ...Full Article

Do you grind your teeth?

You might never have heard of the term “bruxism” but this is the medical term that describes the act of grinding the teeth and clenching the ...Full Article

Why waist size matters

Your risk of some health problems is affected by where your body fat is stored, as well as by your weight. Carrying too much fat around ...Full Article

Tips for coping with depression

If you’ve been feeling depressed for a few weeks or more, make an appointment to see your GP. They can talk to you about your symptoms ...Full Article

Flying when pregnant

It’s normally safe to fly while you’re pregnant. However, some airlines will not let you fly towards the end of your pregnancy, so you should check ...Full Article
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