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Prestigious Chef, Carlos Gamonal

“Almogrote” in dough cylinder

  Ingredients 300gr of Canary cheese : Semi-cured goat cheese 20gr of olive oil: virgin extra 100grs of fresh goat cheese ½ clove of grated garlic A spoon full of tomato comfit A spoon full of dark honey 2 teaspoons of sweet red pepper powder 1 teaspoon of cayenne powder Salt   20 dough cylinders made ...Full Article

Spinach Tagliatelle with smoked items

  Ingredients: 700gr of Spinach Tagliatelle 500gr courgettes ( if possible, small) 1 packet of various smoked items, around 200gr 1 chopped onion and celery A ...Full Article

Tomato and fruit spicy dressing

    Ingredients 200gr of peeled and chopped pears 2 medium sized onions, peeled and chopped 150ml of wine vinegar 100grs sugar 12grs of black pepper ...Full Article

Tuna with boiled Mojo sauce and Gofio cakes

Ingredients:   For the tuna: A clean tuna steak cut into 3×3 cubic squares Olive oil Red Mojo sauce Bay leaf Sea salt Stir-fried onions turned ...Full Article

Brothy rice with lobster

  This is a really delicious dish where the rice shares the spotlight with the lobster. Recipe 200 grams of rice Two lobsters of 500 grams ...Full Article