|Monday, April 12, 2021
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View Point

Don’t forget, it is the Atlantic Ocean!

Why no-one should under-estimate the force of nature. Another drowning in Puerto, just last weekend, the second in as many months, if you count the man fishing, who fell from cliffs.

Are things really so different?

A light-hearted look at life in Tenerife versus life in the UK. Having recently spent a week back in the UK, it has started me thinking ...Full Article

Hot topics, more views and your comments

Following the opening of another supermarket in the centre of the town, I think it’s time once more to return to the topic of shopping in ...Full Article

Local news, views, gossip and rumours

The local public relations machine has been at it again. What shall I comment on? So much information has spouted forth recently that I am spoilt ...Full Article

What do you do in Puerto when it is raining?

This is a question I must have heard asked a thousand times and one which must have been on the lips of many visitors and holidaymakers ...Full Article

The English Library, still going strong

Our Puerto correspondent, Brian Eldridge sings the praises of the town´s English Library, where her is a volunteer, in his own unmistakable style. The English Library ...Full Article

Puerto, what changes in store for 2014?

It was most certainly the year of announcements in 2013, with the local council’s PR machine working over-time, churning out plans and incentives for forthcoming projects ...Full Article

Not completely foreign to me!

  I was recently asked: “What is it really like to live in Puerto de la Cruz?” In this instance, it was in relation to the ...Full Article

Leave alone or is change needed?

  The much-publicised San Telmo project has yet to get underway although a start will be made before the end of a year. That’s a promise ...Full Article

A tourist tram isn’t a joke

Why Arona Mayor’s suggestion should be treated seriously. That old saying about great oaks growing from little acorns might well be true when it comes to ...Full Article
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