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Short Story

Barking Mad!

At 4ft on her hind legs, Darcy, who looks distinctly like Britain’s Got Talent´s dancing pooch, towered over her adopted sister Dora, a crazy Jack Russell cross with strange Pondenco ears. Their tails were happily wagging as they yanked their owners out the door and into their new playground; for just yesterday they had moved from ...Full Article

Culinary delights south of Santa Cruz

We took a holiday driving along the golden coast of south Tenerife, stopping off regularly to feed the horses as it were. From Candelaria we progressed ...Full Article

It just dawned on me…

  The best hour of the day, sitting on the terrace with a mug of tea, still dark, watching and waiting for Puerto to come alive. ...Full Article


  Niall Williams was down in the dumps. Sitting on the edge of a barranco with banana plantations stretching to the horizon not even the sight ...Full Article

Zany Grans’ 70th Birthday

  Zany Gran donned her trainers and her new bright pink sports top and baggy trousers and set forth in happy anticipation of another session at ...Full Article

The Scottish Tajinaste

No, this isn’t a tale about a bold and fearsome gentleman from the land of my ancestors. Quite the contrary, it is simply my way of ...Full Article

The Initiation

  Fast asleep in my bed, I had no chance of stopping my attackers. It was so sudden and abrupt that I’d barely blinked before I ...Full Article


“It would really help a lot if you could do this” said Cath, turning on a 100-watt smile. I had seen her smile often but this ...Full Article

The luck of the draw

  Javi sat on the curb by the road, his short twisted legs stretched out in front of him and the rough wooden crutches by his ...Full Article

Whose afraid of the Magic Roundabout?

Driving in Tenerife was no easy matter, as Sheena was to discover. “Right, that is it!” shouted Sheena. “Enough is enough, I just can’t do this ...Full Article
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