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Short Story

Close friends

Pedro lived in a small Canarian village near the outskirts of Mount Teide National Park in Tenerife. Pedro’s father and mother led a simple life caring for a number of goats and chickens in a small enclosure at the side of the house. Recently one of the goats had given birth to two babies but unfortunately ...Full Article

On fire for Tenerife

Ben was a bachelor who had been stood up at the altar in his 20s. After that he never did quite see women the same way. ...Full Article


Rebecca laid down her book and stretched lazily. The sun was moving round and the balcony would soon be too hot. She would have to move. ...Full Article

The Treasured Garden

Julia had chosen to live in Tenerife many years ago, partly because of health problems which plagued her retirement. The volcanic properties in the soil were ...Full Article

The village shop

Pablo and Rosa owned a small shop in a Canarian coastal village with an apartment above their shop. The building had been inherited from Pablo’s father ...Full Article

Invisible tattoos and learning curves for Zany Gran

The doors were shut, everyone was at their station and waiting for the hoards of people outside the glass doors to surge in. Zany Gran was ...Full Article

Luna Moon child

  Luna was a slender Canarian hound dog, born in July under the light of the full moon, almost two years old. She had two brothers ...Full Article


  There we were. Just the two of us. Sitting in a pavement café in Santa Cruz, coffees in front of us, relaxing in the evening ...Full Article

A year on the Australian road

What would you do to celebrate your 60th birthday? Hazel Bennet, who lives in Tenerife and is a regular contributor to the Tenerife News, decided to ...Full Article

The “Lonely Bouquet” of roses

  Nat was pushing the buggy round his favourite Santa Cruz park. He couldn’t believe how quickly 2015 had come around. He was looking forward to ...Full Article
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