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Letters to the Editor

Good luck Santa Cruz

  Dear Editor I am writing this letter before Santa Cruz holds its first Sunday opening event (due last weekend) but I do hope it was a great success.Full Article

Not so lucky street sellers

  Dear Editor Sorry to be so blunt but these so-called “lucky men” on Tenerife get on my nerves! If one other street seller comes up to me and ...Full Article

Watch the money exchanges

  Dear Editor Could I issue a bit of an alert to holiday-makers? I don’t know if the incident I experienced was deliberate or not but I was out ...Full Article

Busy airport but where are people?

  Dear Editor As a regular reader of the Tenerife News, both at home and when I am here on holiday, I thought I would write to join the ...Full Article

Dog flights so expensive

  Dear Editor Why do airlines charge so much money to take your dog from Tenerife to the UK and back? We have been looking at this problem for ...Full Article

Don Sanderson

O5/08/31 – 07/03/13 “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” – Proverbs 22 V 1 Born in Middlesbrough, ...Full Article

Improvements in Tenerife News

  Dear Sir, Well I can honestly say for the first time in a long time I read every page of the Tenerife News. Friday 1st to Thursday 14th ...Full Article

Why no return fares?

  Dear Editor I may be mistaken but could someone please tell me why it is not possible to buy a return ticket on a Titsa bus?Full Article

Susan Duddy

In loving memory of Wife, Mum, and Sister Susan Who passed away on the 2nd of March 2012. “Death is a heartache no one can heal memories are somethjng ...Full Article

Disappointed ex-pat

  Dear Sir, Everyone is the Island of Tenerife are doing all they can to bring back and keep the tourists, especially here in Puerto, the airlines, the Cabildo, ...Full Article
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