|Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Ken Bennett

Unkept, unfinished and untidy! Residents’ verdict on popular plaza

Dissilusioned  residents in one of Tenerife’s most charismatic beauty spots  say unfinished work in  the main square is in danger of  turning it into  a “grot spot”. Los Gigantes, cocooned by its imposing backdrop of sea cliffs,  is a prime tourist destination in the south west of the island.

Garachico, the town which rose out of the ashes

The gentle tripping of horses hoofs bounce off the walls and verandas of a town dubbed the unluckiest in Tenerife. Sitting in a sublime square in ...Full Article

Nostalgia as Los Gigantes loses plaza lanterns

There is something very curious in the human psyche as to why we don’t actually miss something we take for granted … until it disappears. For years, ...Full Article

How a special man encourages us all to be curious

The recent Starmus Festival in Tenerife was a huge success but what about the untold stories behind it and the organisers? Suddenly, the giant concert hall ...Full Article
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