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John Lucas

Stairway to Eternity (Chapter IX, final chapter)

Life in Egypt slowly returned to normal, but Snefru had not forgotten his promise to build replicas of the white pyramid as his burial monument. He summoned his architects and stone-masons, generals and local leaders to explain what had to be done. They could not believe what Pharoah wanted; it was surely impossible to build such ...Full Article

Stairway to Eternity

The day when Nefertene would give birth drew near. She felt the child move inside her womb, and knew that in a few days time she ...Full Article

Stairway to Eternity (Chapter VII – Part III)

“We cannot go on, our ships will be broken to pieces and we will all die; we must search for a bay, or a least a ...Full Article

Stairway to Eternity (Chapter VII – Part II)

The royal father and son, Harmhad, the three fishermen and the interpreter scout from Tidikett, who had also come along, met in the royal tent to ...Full Article

Stairway to Eternity (Chapter VII – Part I)

Snefru’s five vessels were ready to sail from the Little bay of Tarfaya, he had stocked his ships well. On board the ‘royal yacht’ were Snefru, ...Full Article

Stairway to Eternity (Chapter VI – Part I)

Meanwhile all was not well in the river kingdom of Egypt. Only days after Pharoah and the crown prince had left the realm, religious leaders had ...Full Article

Stairway to Eternity (Chapter Stairway V – Part II)

Neither Pharoah nor Harmhab, commander of the fleet, liked the idea that they should leave the coast and head west into unknown seas. Egyptian vessels always ...Full Article

Stairway to Eternity Chapter (V – Part I)

One mid-morning in February 2600 B.C. as Pharoah’s fleet rounded yet another of many capes along this unknown coast the expectant men suddenly saw flags! They ...Full Article

Stairway to Eternity

Chapter IV- Part I As the cool season started in the autumn of 2601 B.C., the Pharaoh and his fleet set sail from the Mediterranean port ...Full Article

Stairway to Eternity

Chapter III- Part II The years passed by: Cheops and Nefertene were married in an elaborate ceremony on the banks of the Nile. Their love and ...Full Article
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