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Javier Estévez

Gabriel de Belcastel & Puerto de la Cruz Worthy of a Garden of Eden, visting Frenchman concluded

The life of Frenchman, Gabriel de Belcastel (1821-1890) tells us a lot about Puerto de la Cruz and its popularity in times go by for people seeking a cure for health problems or recuperation. Gabriel de Belcastel visited Tenerife in 1859, coming to the island for this very reason, but for his daughter, not himself. He ...Full Article

How the gastronomy of the Canaries and Venezuela became intertwined

An example of the exchanges generated between the Canaries and Venezuelans can be seen in the field of gastronomy, where the influence of Venezuela in the ...Full Article

Icod de los Vinos through the eyes of René Verneau

How an anthropologist recorded irony and beauty. A history graduate from the University of La Laguna, anthropoligist René Verneau René was born in 1852 in France ...Full Article

Time must never forget the women of Puerto de la Cruz

In recent years, we have developed different approaches to the study of the role of women played in various aspects of everyday life. This was a ...Full Article

Osbert Ward, a traveller who found eternal rest in Puerto

The researcher José Luis García Pérez published  in 1988 an impressive work as  result of his thesis supervised a year before by the professor, María del ...Full Article

The historic centre of La Villa de La Orotava

Without doubt, the historic centre of La Villa de La Orotava presents a picture of unique architecture in the islands. It is admired by all those ...Full Article

The exiled writer who mourned the old Spain but came to love his island

Miguel de Unamuno (born September 29th, 1864, Bilbao, Spain—died December 31st, 1936, Salamanca) was an educator, philosopher and author whose essays had considerable influence in early ...Full Article

A life dedicated to the service of others

A remarkable woman who showed the deaf a new path in their lives. Elisa Gonzalez de Chaves (1914-1967) Elisa Gonzalez de Chaves was a very remarkable ...Full Article

A place to honour for history

Situated in the heart of Puerto de la Cruz, next to the headquarters of the National Police, in an area surrounded by hotels, we find a ...Full Article

The man Canary history should remember

Amaro José González de Mesa: a Realejero rector of the University of Salamanca in the 18th century. Throughout its history, the municipality of Los Realejos has ...Full Article
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