|Friday, July 19, 2019
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Brian Eldridge

Walkers, markets, San Telmo and all things Puerto!

Tenerife recently hosted an International Walking Festival, a series of organised walks in some of the most popular areas of the island. It was spread over five or six days, with Puerto de la Cruz at its epicentre, acting as base camp, if you like. So how did it go? Was it a success?Full Article

It’s election year so which projects are still a dream?

So what’s been in the news? What hasn’t, even El Tren (a project which I was convinced had long since been put out to pasture)  has poked its head ...Full Article

Parking problems or just part of the local driving experience?

  Carnival is upon us, perhaps the busiest time of the year for Puerto, and the problems of the town’s road system and parking will once again be highlighted. ...Full Article

It’s just a stroll in the park, only longer!

Keen walker Brian looks ahead to Puerto’s role in the Tenerife Walking Festival. From 10th until the 15th of March, Puerto de la Cruz plays host to the Tenerife ...Full Article

Projects, proposals plans and a few pipedreams

It’s that time of the year again when I normally review the various projects for Puerto, those completed, those started and ongoing and those that are basically still very ...Full Article

Changing times for the weather and changes soon for Puerto?

The arrival of the first snow on Teide last week, early this year I think, was the first indication of the impending winter with its promise of cooler nights, ...Full Article

It may only be a piece of paper but it’s necessary, isn’t it?

A wery look at bureaucracy, both here and in the UK. At 50 metres long, Olympic size, the municipal pool in Puerto must be one of the best places ...Full Article

Another insight into quirky life on Tenerife

It is three months since the opening of the new municipal library and it is going well. Three hundred new members have signed up since opening its doors, according ...Full Article

Puerto’s history, behind closed doors

Why is so much of this town’s heritage either being destroyed or simply ignored and left to fall into decay? Other towns, La Laguna and La Orotava, as prime ...Full Article

What’s happening in “sunny” Puerto this summer?

August is upon us, the vacation month, the month when the whole Spanish system effectively shuts down and Puerto is no different (not that anyone gets over-excited here during ...Full Article
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