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Alastair Robertson

Death, the dog and the Guanche astronomers

Prehistoric people and so-called ‘backward’ tribes are well known to have had a profound knowledge of the stars and their movements in the heavens. It is also well known that on Tenerife the pre-Conquest Guanche tribes embalmed their dead and then put the mummies in caves, places half way between the world of dead and the ...Full Article

25th July 1797: The British invasion of Tenerife

“One of our recent most popular features was Alastair Robertson’s account of how he took part in the recreation of the famous Santa Cruz battle of ...Full Article

25th July 1797: The British invasion of Tenerife

I’ve never thought of myself as a military man, but on Saturday 26th July 2014 I joined the British army as a private. Within ten minutes ...Full Article

The Guanches: Taboo subjects

There are two things one cannot talk about in polite society without the risk of causing offence – Religion and Politics, so here we go. (Be ...Full Article

Guanche art and artefacts

By comparison with other islands of the Canaries, the Guanche art of Tenerife is looked upon as the most primitive, although that doesn’t say a lot, ...Full Article

Guanche health and fitness

The Guanches of Tenerife, like other Neolithic people around the world, led an active outdoor life and that’s not so surprising because they were farmers. They ...Full Article

The arrival of the Guanches

Almost as soon as you step off the plane at the airport you hear about the Guanches, the aboriginal natives of Tenerife who wore skins, used ...Full Article

The Spanish Royal Family of England

This is one of those historical ‘what-if’ scenarios. What if England had, through marriages with the Spanish royal family, become a satellite of Spain? In the ...Full Article

A tour of the fortifications of Tenerife (Part VII)

El Semaforo de Igueste   If you sit in the Plaza de Espana in Santa Cruz facing north, and look along the coast to the rugged ...Full Article

A tour of the fortifications of Tenerife /Part VI)

Today we’ve reached the final part of our tour and we’ll look at an official tour before we visit the oldest fort on the island, a ...Full Article
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