|Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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An alarming Sunday Puerto de la Cruz would rather forget!

Sunday 23rd February will be a day I remember for a while. We were in the middle of the worst calima I have experienced. We should have been enjoying a day of Carnaval, but all festivities had been cancelled on the advice of the Canarian government due to the weather conditions. Not just in Puerto de ...Full Article


In Spain the year 1898 is known simply as ‘The Disaster.’ That was the year when Spain lost its empire to a new imperial power, the ...Full Article

Is sustainability the new buzz word for Puerto de la Cruz?

Carnaval is almost upon us. This year it comes to Puerto de la Cruz even earlier as the town plays host to the annual North Tenerife ...Full Article

Hail the new bus station! But now, what about the old site?

So the new bus station is open, just eleven years after the old one was forced to close Eleven years, it sounds such a long time, ...Full Article

Murder, Mystery, Suspense, and it all happens in Puerto de la Cruz

Agatha Christie Festival 4th – 10th November 2019- Writing Competition This might strike you as an odd event for Puerto to host, however, Agatha was an ...Full Article

Magellan in Tenerife, 500 years ago in September 1519

Soon, if not sooner, Tenerife, in particular Santa Cruz and El Medano, will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the landing of Ferdinand Magellan September 1519, ...Full Article

Summer issues in Puerto de la Cruz as boring August bows out!

That’s August out of the way and quickly forgotten. The month when nothing seems to happen, the month when everybody and his uncle appears to be ...Full Article

An eulogy to Don Antonio Gutierrez

When Nelson left Tenerife he was a broken man, defeated and demoralised, he was an amputee in pain and in a state of severe depression. He ...Full Article

Will new council bring teamwork for Puerto de la Cruz?

We have just finished ‘Fiestas de Julio’ in Puerto de la Cruz , a title with a lot of promise I always think , the reality ...Full Article

Will it be all change for Puerto under new regime?

So, now the dust has settled on the local elections and it is all change in Puerto’s town hall. Although most of the same old faces ...Full Article
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