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The Three Kings, will drive through Adeje 

The Royal route will be a continuous one without any stops and last 5 hours

Adeje council’s Department of culture have organised a special Royal Route which will see their majesties the Three Kings, drive through the borough’s towns and villages in classic cars on January 5th.

Their journey will begin at 4pm and is expected to take up to 5 hours, with no stops.  José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the mayor of Adeje, said, “this is a very important night, bringing joy and happiness as well as hope, something we all need after the last two years”.

The route will see their majesties pass through La Postura, Los Olivos, Las Nieves, Armeñime, Callao Salvaje, Playa Paraíso, Ricasa, Tijoco Bajo, La Hoya, La Concepción, Tijoco Alto, Taucho, Los Menores, Las Rosas, La Caleta, Miraverde, Fañabé, El Galeón and Adeje Town. A fire engine will lead the royal road trip, and will proceed at a pace to allow as many people as possible see the royal entourage.  

Cultural councillor María Clavijo Maza, emphasised that “it is important that people continue to be aware of and follow all safety precautions, wearing masks in the streets, and observing social distance and hand washing norms.  We ask people to avoid crowding on the streets and the routes have been designed to avoid exactly that. We are also requesting that people to stay in the zones nearest to their homes, or watch from their balconies, and please don’t block the route for their majesties, who have the happiness of the younger members of the population as their priority”.

Local communication media will be covering the event and the public can follow what is happening online, live on Radio Sur Adeje 107.9 fm and there will be a special television programme on the council’s social media networks and on Canal 4 and Canal 10 in Tenerife with live coverage of the route and interviews and videos.

The routes

Adeje, La Postura, Los Olivos

Calle Castillo

Av. Viera y Clavijo

C/ Amantillo

Av. de la Constitución

C/ Hermano Pedro

C/ Piedra Redonda

C/ La Cruz

Las Nieves, Las Torres

Calle Tegueste

Calle Beneharo

Calle Atbitocazpe

Calle La Cruz

Avenida de Ayyo

Calle Tagara

Calle Jardín Botánico

Calle Bentinerfe

Calle Guirguín

Avenida Barranco de Las Torres

Armeñime, Las Rosas

Calle Rubén Darío

Calle Luis Feria

Calle Malagueñas

Calle La Isa

Calle Pedro García Cabrera

Calle León Felipe

Calle Poetas Canarios

Calle Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

Playa Paraíso, Callao Salvaje, Ricasa

Avenida Playa Paraíso

Avenida Adeje 300

Calle Aljibe

C/ El Horno

Calle La Tosca

C/ La Zahorra

C/ El Jable

C/ La Lava

Av. La Galga


Tijoco Bajo, La Hoya

Calle Gasparianes

Calle San Antonio

Calle La Cocineta

Calle El Granero

Calle La Presa

Calle La Unión

Calle Juan Afonso Placeres

Calle El Secadero

Calle La Milagrosa

La Concepción, Tijoco Alto

Carretera TF-85

Calle Tijoco Arriba


Carretera de Taucho

Calle Santa Margarita

Calle El Pedregal

Calle Virgen de Coromoto

Los Menores

Carretera Los Menores – Taucho

Calle Morro de las Mesías

Calle Virgen de Fátima

Calle La Tablada

Calle La Tabaiba

Calle Chabu

La Caleta

Avenida de Los Acantilados

Avenida de Las Gaviotas

Avenida Virgen de Guadalupe

Costa Adeje

Avenida de Bruselas

Avenida de Los Pueblos

Calle Gran Bretaña

Avenida Austria

Avenida Europa


Calle Galicia

Avenida Kurt Konrad Mayer

Calle El Viñátigo

Calle El Acebuche

Calle El Cardón


Avenida San Borondón

Calle Tenerife

Calle de La Graciosa

Calle de La Gomera

El Galeón, Adeje Casco

Avenida Príncipe Pelinor

Calle La Mesana

Avenida de Los Vientos

Avenida Palo Mayor

Calle Tinerfe El Grande