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10 new officers take office 

The new officers were appointed on the day the local police celebrate their patron, Our Lady of Guadalupe

On Friday Dec 10the in the Adeje Convento, on a day marking the commemoration of the local police patron, Our Lady of Guadalupe, 10 new members of the force were admitted, promising allegiance to the borough.  At the same event a number of police who had recently retired were also remembered and publicly thanked by the mayor, Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga, for their service to Adeje.

The mayor commented, “we are living through difficult times, complicated times, were a lot of people have had to step up, police, health workers, volunteers and every one of us in fact.  The pandemic has demonstrated how generous we can be and for that, today, we are thanking all the security and safety bodies here today – Guardia Civil, national and local police and Canarian agents.  From the first moment and without any instruction manual when the first outbreak was detected and a thousand persons had to be confined to a hotel, they showed good practice, co-ordination and solidarity”.

The mayor also said that behind all the statistics were real people, “showing humanity, giving, professionalism, and we wish to reaffirm our commitment to Adeje’s  local police force who are committed to serving the public”.

The councillor for security, Mercedes Vargas Delgado, commented, “we are working to ensure that our police are a force that is a neighbourhood body, close to residents, where communication and co-operation are vehicles for the resolution of conflicts, treated with mutual respect, and meeting the needs of the people” .

The councillor also announced, “shortly we will be announcing the creation of extra police places, allowing the body to grow, to ensure the we are more able to attend to the public as they need us”.

Today the local police force has 110 agents currently serving.  Recent data made available shows that during the Covid-19 period there were 643 arrests for non-compliance with health and safety rules and regulations, 258 for drug consumption, 133 for public disorder offences, 28 for breaking noise laws and 188 for general lawlessness and crimes.

The mayor congratulated the whole local police organisation in Adeje for their collective work during the most recent state of alarm at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  In particular agent Pablo Gerardo Alonso was mentioned for service above and beyond the call of duty in saving the life of someone.  Other agents receiving special mention were Adal Luis Morales and Óliver González Luis in their work in searching for a missing person, as well as Lucia Alba Caro, Luis Alfredo Walo Santos and Joana Barroso León for similar dedication to their public service. 27 members of the force were also awarded medals for long service