|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Short story and art competitions reflect increased awareness of domestic violence 

Winners were Laura Naiara Aldana Ramaker (short story) and Farhat Ejaz Rasheed (art)

The juries for both the short story competition and the art competition about issues dealing with domestic violence, organised by the Adeje council’s department of equality, said picking the winners was not easy this year, given the quantity and quality of entries received.

A spokesperson for the short story competition jury said, “having read the entries we all noticed a better understanding of the issue of domestic violence among the students who took part, all 4th year secondary school students, adolescents aged 15 and 16.”  According to a representative from the art jury, “we evaluated entries based on the quality and technique of each piece and the relevance to the theme of the competition.  We saw an increase in the artistic media used in expression this year, with drawings and paintings but also photographs and sculptures presented for consideration”.

Councillor Desiderio Afonso Ruiz congratulated “all the students and the staff of the schools who included the writing of these short stories as part of the school curriculum.  The students exceeded expectations, their work was well written and their dedication to the theme was obvious.  Here in the council we see the value of these kinds of exercises in helping today’s and future generations tackle the issue”.

First place in the art completion was for Farhat Ejaz Rasheed, and the short story winner was Laura Naiara Aldana Ramaker.  Second places went to Hanqi Zhang (art) and Adrián Sánchez Martín (short story), and third places to Giulietta Valentina Gastiglione (art) and Victoria Pérez León (short story), with commendations in the short story competition to Viola Serra, Sofía Manuela Hernández García and Sol Lee Serrano Jewett.

Regarding the content of the short stories the jury were impressed at the knowledge the writers showed regarding the complexities of domestic violence and the resources needed to escape from dangerous situations.  They also praised the use of language, originality, rhetoric, metaphors, and the fresh writing approach many of the entrants used.