|Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Adeje council and Cruz Roja launch “Adeje Recuperación” 

This project has two goals: to aid job seekers find work and renovate the homes of families and individuals at risk

Adeje council’s department of job creation, under Manual Luis Méndez, and the Cruz Roja, have developed a project, Adeje Recuperación (Adeje Recovery) with two main goals – aid those in danger of exclusion from the labour market by teaching new professional skills and offering training, and through their training work renovate the homes of those in the borough also considered at risk (as indicated by the Adeje Social Services department).

To get a place on the programme, individuals would have to meet certain criteria as evaluated by the Cruz Roja social workers who would be part of an evaluation commission, having received petitions through the Adeje council job seekers section (based in the CDTCA).

According to the councillor, “it is important to assist, in particular, those who are on the verge of social exclusion to find and use the skills they need to be able to return to the job market.  Through courses like this they will enhance their skill set and basic abilities and gain a professional competency which will increase their employability afterwards.  This in turn would, we believe, work to assist in their personal, social and professional development.”

The group will learn the skills required to work on home renovations. To apply, individuals must be registered as resident in Adeje (6 months minimum) , registered as unemployed, aged between 17 and 65 and registered with the Adeje job centre.  Those who no longer have the right to any unemployment benefits will be considered as a priority.

In general the project will work to assist those marginalised at identified as at a high risk of social exclusion, offering them skills, personal and professional, to enter the market place as a qualified job seeker.