|Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Series of talks on migration and aspects of inter-culturalism and gender 

These are free to attend and open to all

The Adeje departments of citizen participation and of equality have designed a series of free workshops on migration, particularly from intercultural and gender-based points of view.  Those interested in attending in person or online can sign up at www.adeje.es

The course is designed as part of a project created by the ‘Mujeres, Solidaridad y Cooperación’ (women, solidarity and co-operation) association, funded in part by the national ministry for inclusion, social security and migration, and with European funding.

According to the Adeje equality councillor Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, the workshops “have been designed to promote awareness of the issues surrounding migration and underline the importance of working for positive treatment of migrants and against discrimination”.

Maria Clavijo Maza, councillor for participation, indicated the importance of continuing to promote activities which fed into the collective consciousness and removed ideas of stereo-typing, which in turn advanced the cause of social justice.

The workshops will be led by Noemí Bienes Brito, from the association, and will be in Spanish, and will look at a variety of topics.  The first session is on Thursday October 21st at 6pm and will examine “cyber-racism and other hate crimes”.  On Thursday October 28th the topic is the global situation regarding sexual and reproductive rights, also dealing with forced marriages, human trafficking, surrogacy, LGBTIQ+ rights, and the relevant impact in migratory processes.

Reggaeton, Trap and feminism will be the issue up for discussion on November 11th, looking at music stereotyping, sexism in music, and feminist resistance and anti-racism within these urban music genres.  On November 18th the participants will be looking at games and sports, asking whether they are spaces for everyone. The talk will look at video games too, the gender roles ascribed, feeding stereotypes, sexist and racist attitudes, etc.

The final day will be on November 25th, also designated as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.  The workshop will look at the history behind the creation of this important day and why there are still people in society who wish to pretend this problem doesn’t exist.