|Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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La Palma’s biggest earthquake so far at 4.8 magnitude felt in neighbouring Tenerife 

La Palma has been rocked by its most intense earthquake since the island’s volcano started to erupt a month ago. The quake of 4.8 magnitude was felt not only across the whole of the island but also in the north of Tenerife.

The second red-hot lava flow is now just 30 metres from the sea and local residents in the area have been warned to stay in their homes due to the risk of explosions and gases.

The 4.8 quake was registered just before 11pm last night, according to data from the National Geographic Institute, about 39km deep in the municipality of Mazo.According to the classification of the scientific centre, it was a strong earthquake felt in practically the entire island. A resident of Villa de Mazo on La Palma said: “This quake is the strongest one I’d felt in La Palma’s volcano episode.”

Another told Volcanodiscovery.com: “That was by far the strongest. I thought someone had crashed a truck. Afterwards I could still feel if there was slight wobbling just in my feet like larva running under surface.”And another posted: “The most violent quake so far in the last few days. House shaking and creaking. Barking dogs”On the neighbouring island of Tenerife, residents in the north reported light to moderate shaking, with one posting: “Walls, roof and wardrobes rattling, very scary”, During the night, 14 earthquakes were located, the largest of 3.4 mbLg, located northeast of the municipality of Fuencaliente at 2.54am.

This morning, scientists said reports that preparations were being made to evacuate the whole of La Palma were completely false and malicious.The lava flow heading for the ocean is currently threatening to swallow up an entire petrol station in the urban area of ​​La Laguna, belonging to the municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane.

The emergency resources have already emptied fuel tanks and more recently water as a preventative measure. Thelava is also heading towards a banana packing company and a school, as well as a church square. All the area was evacuated last week.In the last week, 581 earthquakes have been recorded, with a maximum magnitude of 4.8 and an average depth of 15 kilometers.

Since the beginning of the volcanic eruption, the total area affected has already reached 779.89 hectares, nearly 2,000 properties have been destroyed and over 6,000 people evacuated from their homes.