|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Dogs stayed in the Adeje for a series of training days 

The dog handlers said there were extremely happy with the facility and the care of their dogs and the others, abandoned and rescued, who are staying there

The Adeje animal centre for abandoned animals, the CIAAD, recently housed an extra 19 dogs who were in the borough with their police (local, military and Canarian) handlers. They teams were taking part in a training course.  The handlers expressed their satisfaction at the facilities the centre has to offer, both for their dogs and all the others who are there, having been abandoned and rescued.

For the councillor with responsibility for the centre, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, “we are delighted that we were able to host these animals.  Obviously we were able to do so as the facility isn’t full at the moment, nor has it ever reached capacity.  It was also a way of allowing people to see the work that we are doing in the centre”.

The visiting animals were guaranteed the same rest, health and food care that all dogs in the centre are entitled to.  “The dogs have had all they needed to rest and relax after their training course, and the dog handlers mentioned how grateful they were for the hospitality the animals were shown”, the councillor added.

The event was another example of the multi-departmental operations in Adeje, in this case with both the departments of health and security involved.

The training days in question were part of a specialised course for these police dogs, in illegal substance detection and as part of a project in nature conservation. 30 dogs, 36 handlers and nine official vehicles were involved in the training.  Pedro Salas, one of the top experts in these events, and who has worked for many years with local administrations and state security teams, police and the military, also played an integral part in the training event.