|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Adeje dedicates a mural to 20 Canarian women for their value, their visibility, their valour 

The women come from various walks of life – the arts, science, politics, sport, etc.

José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the mayor of Adeje, today inaugurated a mural dedicated to Canarian women – “Valientes, valiosas y visibles” – for their value, their visibility and their valour.  The wall, in front of the Adeje Cultural centre on the Calle Hermano Pedro, was conceived by Alba González Fernández who also, with Aida Cecilia Hernández, painted the mural. The women represent different epochs and areas of Canarian life, science, sport, medicine, art, and much more.

“With this project we are contributing to the move to give increased visibility to the contribution of women to our society.  And we hope this wall will be emblematic of the promotion of equality in Adeje”, said the mayor.  He added, “We are proud of these women but there is also a lot more to do before we can say we as a society have achieved equality for all.  This is a fight we must all be involved in – men and women, good people”.

Some of the women featured in the mural were present – Senator Maria Dolores Pelayo, astrophysicist Pilar Montañes, as well as family members of one of the first female lawyers in Tenerife Mercedes Machado, and the first women doctor in the Canarias, Carlota de la Quintana.  Maria Dolores Pelayo spoke on behalf of those featured congratulating Adeje on the initiative adding that it should be copied in the rest of the country.

Also present were the Tenerife Cabildo councillor for equality Priscila de León and representatives of the Adeje Equality Council.  Speaking too was Adeje’s equality councillor Desiderio Afonso Ruiz who said the work “was the fruit of a cross-departmental co-operation, with contributions from Culture, Municipal Services, Communications, and Citizen Participation. “

Information on the women featured in the mural is available online, www.adeje.es, and the work was co-funded with state funding from the department for equality.  The Radio Sur programme ‘Dejate de Cuentos’ has also featured a mini-biography of each of the 20 women. 

According to Alba González, one of the problems was limiting the list to just 20 women – “there are so many remarkable Canarian women, but we couldn’t fit them all”. 

The women featured are:

Carla Antonelli, politician, actor and LGTBI activist. 

Carlota de la Quintana: first female doctor in the Canarias.  

Carolina Martínez Pulido: biologist, lecturer

Hilda Siverio: influencer in the fight against breast cancer 

Josefina de la Torre: writer, singer, actor, script writer.  

Lola Massieu: painter, lecturer, media personality

Mar Vaquero: NASA engineer.  

Mara González: radio presenter 

María Dolores Pelayo: Senator 

Marta Mangué: Handball player.  

Mercedes Machado: first registered female lawyer in Tenerife

Mercedes Pinto: writer, educator.  

Michelle Alonso: paraolympian swimmer, triple gold medal winner and world record holder

Natalia Sosa: poet. 

Paquita Mesa: actor and cultural promotor. 

Patricia Guerra: sportsperson, Olympic sailor.  

Pilar Montañés: astrophysicist

Pinito del Oro: acrobat, writer, business leader.  

Pino Ojeda: writer, artist.  

Valentina la de Sabinosa: Canarian folkore singer.