|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Police seize one of biggest hauls yet of amphetamines in Canaries 

National Police have arrested seven men and four women between 20 and 52 years of age for drug trafficking in Lanzarote.

It follows a major operation during which 30 kilos of hashish, 1.2 kilos of aphetamines and half a kilo of cocaine were foundIn addition, five vehicles, jewellery and 42,800 euros in cash have been seized.

At the beginning of the summer, police received several complaints through the citizen participation channels that revealed a series of drug outlets in the towns of Caleta de Caballo and Matagorda (Puerto del Carmen).

The researchers verified how the inhabitants of the investigated homes led a high standard of living without having any type of work activity and spent large amounts of money on restaurants, trips, jewellery and high-end cars.The police investigations made it possible to locate a third address located in Playa Honda, from which other members of the group also sold narcotic substances.

The method used to hide the drug was to put it in soft drink bottles, which made it almost undetectable.Police say the 1,200 grams of amphetamine seized in this operation represent one of the largest consignments of that substance seized “in recent times” in the Canary Islands.

The court in charge of the case has ordered the imprisonment of two of the detainees.