|Monday, December 6, 2021
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‘La Espiral’ is a new programme being introduced by the Asociacion San Juan 

The programme offers opportunities and help to those with special care needs, in an integrated manner 

Adeje council, in conjunction with the IASS , the Insular Institute for Social and Socio-sanitary Attention, are introducing a new programme to the Asociacion San Juan, the centre for paediatric care and social therapy for people in need.  The programme, La Espiral, will work to offer opportunities and aid to those with special care requirements from an integrated point of view, which will bring together care, overseeing development, education and learning, as well as aiding in therapy intervention and the evolution of the individual’s social and cultural life.

In this regard, the councillor with responsibility for disability services, José Antonio López Delgado said, during a visit to the association’s centre, that “this programme, backed up by a collaboration agreement between the relevant administrations, will allow the Asociacion San Juan continue with their sustainability work in progress, which benefits individuals but also society in general, and allows for the possibility of building a better present and future for all”.

The programme is adapted for all inclusive groups, infants, growing children, adolescents and adults, with and without special needs.  Among the activities included are fine art, Bothmer gymnastics, dramatic art, music, singing, folklore, physiotherapy, etc.  There will be open-air activities, which will be held in the association’s farm and orchards.

San Juan: Recent changes

During his visit, the councillor remarked on some renovations and changes in recent years (the association has been in Adeje for 27 years) that have been carried out with the backing of the Adeje council. He was also given the latest information on the association’s residential centres, one in Grandailla and the newer one, in Armeñime, which opened in November of last year. During a meeting with the directors and team, he was shown the move towards making the word of the centre “greener, more inclusive and more sustainable”.

Registration is currently open at the centre – phone 922 78 11 60, or contact them online, ts@ Asociacionsanjuan.es.  The centre has 40 day care places, and 19 residential places in the houses in Granadilla and Armeñime.