|Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Families’ anguish to be relieved in hospital with new info board 

The Canary Islands University Hospital Complex (HUC) in Tenerife, attached to the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, has implemented a few days ago the Companion Information System (SIA) for relatives of patients in the Emergency Service. 

It is a new computer system that provides information, in
real time, on the evolution of the patient from arrival at the emergency
service until discharge from said service.

All the information is generated automatically and in real
time by the HUC Hospital Information System, which allows the companions to
receive accurate and updated information about the healthcare process in which
the patient is, all through a screen installed for this purpose in the waiting

At the time of admission, the companions of the patient
receive a receipt with an alphanumeric code that allows them to consult the
last status of the patient’s care itinerary on the information screen.

This allows to know if the patient is in the process of
initial clinical evaluation, if he or she has already been seen by the
healthcare personnel, if certain complementary tests such as hematological or
radiodiagnosis tests are being carried out, if he has been asked for an
interconsultation with another specialty , if you are under observation, if you
are going to be admitted or be discharged, as well as any other type of

With this new system “the HUC advances towards a more
transparent and closer care to users and their families, humanizing the
treatment and helping to reduce the anxiety that the wait produces in the
companion,” says the manager of the hospital center, Mercedes Cueto.

In a few weeks, this same system will be installed in the
central operating rooms waiting room, in order to provide information on the
status of a patient in the surgical circuit. SIA will be implemented in all HUC
Emergency and Operating Theatres, an initiative that helps reduce the anxiety
associated with waiting by informing the family and companions in a
personalised way.