|Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Adeje renews its commitment to extra services for cancer sufferers and their families 

The initiative continues thanks to an agreement with the AECC, the Spanish cancer association

The Adeje council’s department of health has renewed its commitment to the joint initiative with the AECC, the Spanish cancer association, to fund services for cancer sufferers and their families.  The service offers help financially, psychologically, and physically to those who are undergoing oncology treatment and might need care that they are not receiving from the public health services.

“With this resource with are working to meet the needs and demands of those affected by different kinds of cancers, and their families, in Adeje”, says the health councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo.  She adds, “one of the important aspects of this service is the personalised attention that we can offer”.

Signing the renewal of the agreement were the councillor as well the president and director of the AECC Santa Cruz branch, Andrés Juan Orozco Muñoz and Ana Bélen Prado Prieto.   The association says that with this aid they can continue their presence in the borough, offering the best services they can to those affected.

“We know that the health crisis caused by Covid-19 has provoked a socio-economic situation that has affected many sectors of the population directly, but in particular the most vulnerable members of our society, like those who are fighting cancer.  Many have been affected economically, jobs lost, family income slashed, or people fired because of physical incapacity, so these kinds of agreements are essential”, said the AECC representatives.

In 2020 71 people living in Adeje benefitted from the services provided under the agreement, from hospital transport, food from the Adeje food bank, direct payments to a number of individuals, etc.

Services provided

Triaje: anyone who has been diagnosed and wishes to avail of the services locally will be evaluated and contacted by the AECC.

Psychological assistance: this is offered to cancer suffers and their famiies, all aspects of the cancer and treatment are discussed.

Social assistance: there are specific services and assistance on offer, from transport to emergency economic aid.

Physiotherapy, oncology, haematology, palliative care:  the main objective is the improve the physical side of a person’s evolution in the oncology process or afterwards, helping individuals return to their daily lives. 

Prevention and rehabilitation re lymphedema: Directed specifically at those diagnosed with breast cancer where surgical intervention may give rise to lymphedema. There are exercise classes and activities held in the Adeje Cultural Centre.

The AECC is also part of  ‘kilometro solidario’ which is a free transport scheme that brings patients to and from Hospital La Candelaria for treatments and specialist services.

The AECC offices in Adeje are in the Adeje department of health building in Calle Tinerfe el Grande, 32, first floor. The offices are open to the public from 8am to 3pm on week days but you will need to make an appointment by calling Freephone 900 112 061.