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ESL Writing Exercises and Activities for Beginners 

Life in the Canary Islands is good. As the bridge between four continents—Europe, Africa, and the Americas—living here gives one access to the crossroads of the world. As such, many who live in the Canaries are interested in expanding their reach beyond the Canaries or even Spain to the entire world. Because of this, many in the Canaries work hard to build their English-language skills. Learning English as a second language can be extremely rewarding, but there are also times when it can be frustrating or challenging. In this article, we’ll take a look at some writing exercises and activities that can help ESL students in the Canaries develop the writing skills they’ll need to take their talents global.

Everyone knows that English has become the lingua franca of the global business, media, and academic worlds. At first, this seems a little odd since there are 586 million native Spanish speakers and only 400 million native English speakers. However, English has the greatest number of speakers worldwide when second language speakers are counted, and it dominates international media, business, and scholarship. Consequently, learning to write well in English is a powerful way to improve your future.

If you are learning English as a second language, there are some tips to help develop your skills.

Read a Lot of English

One of the best ways to build your ESL skills is to read a lot in English. The more English that you read, the more you will begin to internalize the rhythms and the patterns of how English is written so that you can begin to write in a similar way as you start to write in English. When you choose English material to read, you should try to read essays, stories, and articles from the best writers. You want to have as your models some of the best English writing rather than average or substandard prose. When you read great writing, you will learn some of the best practices for the English language. It is also a good idea not just to read, but to make notes — this way you will strengthen your vocabulary much faster. Also, you should write books and articles in the  field you generally write about. Specific vocabulary makes your writing much more expert-like. 

Write Some Tweets

Tweeting is a low-risk, low-stress way of practicing a little bit of writing every day. A tweet has just 280 characters, so when you tweet, you are not committing to a long and involved piece of writing but just a little burst of text. You get to practice communicating in real time, and most importantly, tweets’ shortness helps to develop an important English skill, conciseness. In English, it is generally considered good style to try to make your point using the fewest words possible. Limiting your thoughts to just 280 characters can help you to build this important skill as you learn to write. Tweets are also relatively casual, so there is much less pressure to engage in formal, more difficult academic prose. It is also a good way to develop your ability to formulate ideas in a brief, concise manner. 

Practice Writing Emails

One of the most common ways you will use English writing in your life and career is in writing emails. Whether for personal or professional purposes, writing emails will give you the chance to practice speaking clearly and directly to an intended audience. You’ll also have the ability to practice the structure of English language email etiquette, including using personalized greetings and closing strategies. You will begin to understand when to use formal terms of address such as Sir and Ma’am and when to use less formal ways to address someone. It might be beneficial to pair up with another ESL student and practice writing and responding to one another’s messages.

Write an Essay or a Report

Informative writing is an important way to build formal academic writing skills. By creating an essay on a research topic, you will learn how to structure a formal English language document and to develop academic writing skills that are important for education and business opportunities abroad. Especially if you plan to attend college or university overseas, having English language academic writing skills can be a major advantage that will carry you far.

Get Help from a Professional Writing Service

One of the best ways to learn how to develop more complex English language writing skills is to go online and hire someone to help write papers for you. When you use a professional academic writing service that provides you with custom essays and high-quality papers, you’ll get some seriously legitimate assistance that can show ESL students the right way to write a paper about a topic of your choice. When you see how a professional would approach your topic, you’ll have a leg up in discovering the right way to write any type of essay, with a clear model you can follow step by step to build your writing skills. Dealing with assignments, first of all focus on the overall result you want to achieve — 

Try Your Hand at Writing an Advertisement

Everyone is familiar with advertising. Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by ads promising cheap solutions to problems and a way to free ourselves from the problems of our lives. For ads to be effective, they need to appeal to their audience and use persuasive language, often with flares. When you practice writing an advertisement for a product or a service, you’ll develop skills associated with persuasive writing, as well as the ability to use language in an original, creative way. By thinking about how you can best appeal to your audience, you’ll also gain insight into how to write for others rather than for yourself, an important skill when trying to get your message understood.

The major idea to focus on is making all your efforts concentrated on one goal — strengthening your academic writing skills. When you keep it in mind everything you do gains sense — even posting in social media, writing emails and postcards or reading. You can become a better writer even by watching serial movies you like — note down the most interesting and relevant expressions, learn them by heart and use them in writing. Why  not? Also, don’t disregard asking for writing assistance from experts when you need it. Your final goal is graduation, and you should do everything possible to achieve it on time.