|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Adeje is offering a course in urban ecology and agro-tourism 

The course is taking place in the CDTCA from June 28th to July 2nd

From June 28th to July 2nd Adeje is running a day-time course on ‘Ecología Urbana y Agroturismo. Bases para una transición ecológica desde el municipalismo” (Ecology and Urban Agro-tourism: Bases for an ecological transtition).  The course will be held in the CDTCA, is free, and you can register online, www.adeje.es

The course talks (in Spanish) will cover a huge range of material with experts from the Canary Islands and the Spanish peninsula taking part, overseen by the University of La Laguna Agro-ecology department under Dr. Carlos Castilla, the Canarian Agrarian Institute of Investigation, the regional government and in conjunction with the Adeje department of ecological transition under councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martín. 

The main aim is to contribute to the goal of the European Commission that by 2030 25% of agricultural land in the European Union will be ecologically farmed.  The Commission has two new projects in place, From farm to fork, and the Biodiversity strategy, that will feature in the course, aiming to bring nature back into our lives and promote “our food, our health, our planet, our future”. 

Participants will learn about the design of agrarian systems that are the key to sustainability, urban horticulture, use of medicinal plants, nature tourism, urban farming, and the recovery or traditional farming lands with employment programmes discussed too.  Experts will also discuss the use of domestic compost, local seed banks, agro-fiestas as an educational tool and much more.  The full programme and registration details are on www.adeje.es.