|Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Tenerife the world leading in cardiovascular prevention 

BachCare Abama, specialized in Cardiovascular Wellness, opens its doors at The Ritz-Carlton hotel, Abama, in Tenerife.

The BachCare Abama center, directed by Dr Luis Angel Samaniego, located at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama hotel, in Tenerife opens its doors to offer a new concept of heart care: Cardiovascular Wellness.

It is a unique proposal in the
world of cardiovascular prevention with the most advanced technology today in diagnostic imaging and the first
spectral detection medical scanner to
arrive in Spain. Together with an internationally recognized medical team, coordinated by Dr. José Luis
Zamorano, Head of the cardiology service
at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid and world leader in cardiology imaging.

These facilities put the island at
the global forefront in this category of health services. In 4 minutes they can discard
rule out that the patient
may suffer a serious cardiovascular disease event throughout
their life.

The objective of this service is
to help people add life to their lives thanks to a comprehensive proposal based
on a thorough diagnosis and behavioral action,
in an exclusive environment, with real objectives to protect their heart. With an innovative model that combines
medical science and technology with therapeutic architecture, gastronomy and luxury wellness, betting on taking another step
in the world of comprehensive
mind-body care to add life to your life.

BachCare Abama is based on 2
fundamental pillars: Prevention and rehabilitation. Therefor we have created 4 advanced programs.

Life programme is
aimed at healthy people who want to know their cardiovascular health, who value physical and mental
well-being, and want to have the keys to prevent
possible cardiovascular diseases.

Sport Programme is aimed at healthy people
who practice sport
on a regular basis, athletes and professional competitors.

Business Programme is
aimed at companies and organizations that value the physical and mental well-being of their employees as the basis
for their growth.

Cardiac rehabilitation is designed to raise awareness and educate people
who have overcome cardiovascular disease, helping
them to adopt the most appropriate heart-healthy
lifestyle habits and maintain them throughout their lives.

The best way to avoid any type of
cardiac diseases is prevention. With correct
advice on diet, healthy lifestyle habits and above all, a complete
knowledge of genetic factors and the
current state of the heart and arteries, make Bach Care the perfect place to prevent and treat any
possible cardiovascular problem.