|Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Series of IT courses in Adeje’s cultural centres 

The students are women who have undertaken the courses to improve their employment prospects

The cultural centres in Fañabé, Armeñime, Tijoco and Las Nieves have begun a series of information and communication courses organised by the Adeje council in conjunction with the Anchieta association. The initiative is the result of a cross-departmental collaboration between the economic development area, under councillor Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, and the department of equality, under councillor Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.  The training has been designed for women who are seeking to improve their professional capabilities and personal development.  

“We have planned this training to help break down some barriers that might exist,blocking some people in moving ahead, people with greater difficulties as well in accessing education centres due to Covid.  So, with reduced class sizes as permitted under law at the moment, we have designed this project with the Anchieta association.  It’s a good opportunity to learn the tools necessary to seek work today”, commented councillor Raquel Rodríguez Alonso. 

For his part, councillor Desiderio Afonso took the opportunity to congratulate the women students. “We think this is an important step in equality of opportunities, focussing on different sectors of the population, in this case women, to accelerate the offer of new opportunities in employment and personal development which has so much to do with empowerment”.  

The training sessions are two hours long over a three month period on different days in each centre – Mondays in Fañabé and Las Nieves and Tuesdays in Tijoco and Armeñime.  Students will be learning how to gather and use information and communications on a range of different electronic outlets and adapt to using them in a productive and competitive manner, both for personal and professional use in today’s world.   In this way the course will help these women improve their chances of finding work in the current labour market.