|Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Local Police break up two illegal parties in Adeje over the weekend 

In both cases the national police and the Guardia Civil assisted

The Adeje Local Police were called out on Saturday night to
break up two illegal parties, one in the Diego Hernández beach, and the other
in an empty water reservoir along the Camino de la Virgin.  In both
locations over 100 people were in attendance, Covid restrictions were not being
observed and in one case the curfew was also breached.

The Adeje councillor for security, Mercedes Vargas Delgado, has
reiterated her call for the people of Adeje to make “an extra effort to stick
to the rules.  We have had a complicated few months but bit by bit things
are improving and it would be tragic to see people get ill and lose their lives
as a result of this kind of behaviour”.  At the same time the councillor
remanded people that we are in a tourist borough and in a tourist zone such as
Costa Adeje there is a need for extra security and personnel.  “Adeje has
a population of roughly 50,000 but let’s not forget that at busy times the
local security forces need to deal with up to 150,000 people staying here, or
even 200,000 at peak times. The council is always working to see that local
police have all the resources they need but without better state funding for
tourism boroughs that’s not always possible”.

There is a good working relationship between the local police
and the state forces, but in situations such as last weekend, and other times
where there are an increased number of people in the borough, at fiestas times
and during the summer, it can be very difficult for the police to deal with an
increased number of infractions. It underlies an on-going need for increased
National Police and Guardia Civil numbers in the south of the island, in
particular in boroughs such as Adeje where visitor numbers can be and hopefully
will be much higher in the coming months. Security forces will not simply be
dealing with Covid related matters but with the full range of security issues.

Diego Hernández beach event

The illegal party on the Diego Hernández beach was brought to
the attention of the police by a resident in the zone.  Four patrols were
sent to the zone alongside two Guardia Civil patrols.  One of the local
police units went to the Avenida de los Acantilados to identify those
attempting to flee the zone.  Over 100 partygoers were in attendance
according to the police, many without masks and no social distancing was in
evidence.  The police took details of a number of individuals including
the presumed organiser of the event and also found food and drink, a music
system, and a generator.  The event was closed down by 10.40pm.

Camino de la Virgen reservoir

This party took place in an empty reservoir along the Camino de
la Virgen walk, also with approximately 100 people in attendance, without masks
or social distancing.  The event also broke the 11pm curfew.  Police
were called out at 11.40pm and activated the local emergency protocol. Here too
the police found music systems and a generator.

Illegal activities

Since the introduction of the State of Alarm the Adeje Local
Police have been closing down illegal activities and parties within the
borough.   There have been about 150 reports taken of private parties
breaking Covid restrictions.