|Friday, October 22, 2021
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Adeje council and Aqualia warn of a water-purification fraud 

A number of companies and individuals have reported visits from people claiming to represent a company carrying out water testing and selling filtration machines

Adeje council and the water management company Aqualia-Entemanser have released details of a scam that they have been made aware of in recent days in the borough, with individuals visiting private homes and companies, alleging the detection of problems with the quality of the water, and working to convince the home owner or business owner to purchase a water filtration/purification system.

Those who are carrying out the scam will, if invited into your home, pretend to carry out a chemical test that will then show that the water from your tap is a dark colour, but that they have the proper equipment to fix the problem.

Aqualia-Entemanser wish to qualify that all water, whether tap or bottled, will contain a certain amount of mineral salts which are in fact important. What the fraudsters are doing is chemically treating the water that you are seeing coming out of your tap, colouring the mineral salts, and stating this shows that the water is contaminated or undrinkable. In fact all the test does is prove that the mineral salts are present in the water. 

Adeje council and Aqualia-Entemanser wish to state very clearly that tap water in Adeje undergoes exhaustive health controls and is certified as drinkable and apt for human consumption. Both the company and Adeje carry out separate controls, the council using the municipal laboratory which undertakes regular control checks of the tap water in the borough. Furthermore, Aqualia-Entemanser analyse water in the distribution points without the need to go into people’s homes.

The company is more than happy to provide people with the results of the analyses carried out. For more information you can call them on 900 822606, Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm.