|Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Hospiten applies a pioneering technique with hyaluronic acid to combat genital atrophy 

Hospiten has launched a therapy service to combat gynecological atrophy using hyaluronic acid. It is a pioneering technique that provides a solution to the side effects many women suffer from as a result of cancer treatments, including early menopause, atrophy or premature aging of the vagina and vulva.

Associate physician of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service at the Hospiten Rambla University Hospital, Dr. Maria Dolores Perez-Jaraiz explains that, due to the hormonal therapies used in most cancer treatments on, for example, the breasts, ovaries and uterus, “symptoms like vaginal dryness, burning or itching may be problem and, in addition to affecting the daily life of women, can also cause discomfort during sexual intercourse”. For this reason, Hospiten have decided “to offer a pioneering service for these patients with the aim of improving their quality of life”.

Dr. Perez-Jaraiz explains that the technique is especially recommended for young patients with breast cancer and premature aging due to hormone blocking agents used in pharmacological treatments, or for those who have undergone gynecological radiotherapy and have changes and/or atrophy in their genitalia preventing them from leading a normal life. Likewise, women who have had non-gynecological tumors and who have developed early menopause may also benefit from the new technique.

The Hospiten Gynecology and Obstetrics team explains that it is a simple procedure that can be performed in the consultation room in sessions of approximately 15 minutes each. The results can last between six months and a year, “although there are patients who are administered the treatment and they improve so much that further treatment is not required”. 

Although the use of hyaluronic acid in clinical practice has proven quite effective in recent years, its relative novelty means that studies continue to be carried out today to expand the data that supports the usefulness of the technique.

About the Hospiten Group 

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