|Friday, October 22, 2021
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Full police presence and extra security along Adeje’s beaches until Sunday 

There will be up to 300 police on the streets and beaches over the long Easter weekend, using persuasion and control to stop gatherings that don’t meet current health requirements

Adeje borough has
historically been a favourite Easter holiday destination for people from other
parts of Tenerife, the Canary Islands, and the rest of Spain.  The main days for people to visit have been
from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, when Costa Adeje, given its attractive
climate and selection of bars, restaurants and more, is usually full.

This is why, this year, the
Adeje council’s departments of security, beaches and municipal services, have
prepared a special security operation to remind the public of the health
related restrictions in place to reduce any spread of Covid-19.  There will be more local police on the
street, over 300 will be on duty during the four days in question, with extra
details of the body trained by the Adeje council to remind people of the need
to wear their masks and give members of the public the information they might
need as to why there are certain restrictions in place.  The work of this latter group is specifically
along the coast and on the borough’s beaches. They have also the authority to
call the police where they feel it is necessary.

“The objective is to
control the situation, as much as possible, helping the public follow the rules
and the current restrictions in place to avoid any further propagation of the
virus.  That’s why we are increasing the
number of police on the streets, and in areas we consider it is needed, they
will be patrolling 24 hours a day”, said security councillor Mercedes
Vargas.   She added, “It is virtually
impossible for the police to be everywhere all the time, so we are also asking
the residents to help, act responsibly and respect the rules. It is the only
way that we can avoid creating a situation none of us want”.

Adeje’s local police will
be patrolling all the beaches daily, and will close any beaches they consider
to have reached maximum capacity or where the beach goers there are not
complying with the restrictions in place, such as secure distance between
groups and individuals, and the use of masks. 
Where there are bar and restaurant terraces, places where people tend to
congregate and maybe use for parties or gatherings larger than permitted, there
will also be increased controls.

“We will be very strict
about the curfew too, and don’t want anyone out in public after 10pm, and
capacity in bars and restaurants as well as unauthorised zones used by campers,
caravans and motorhomes will be monitored”, outlined the councillor.  “Personal responsibility by all will be what
sees us move out of this situation, only that way will the unfortunate actions
of a small few not put the rest of us at risk”.

The Adeje local police will
also have personnel from other security bodies at their disposal if needed.