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Departments awarded “Punto violeta” (Purple Points) after in-house training on domestic violence prevention 

117 people from different departments took part in the training

Adeje council departments have been awarded the distinctive ‘Punto Violeta
(Purple Point) today, Tuesday April 13th, which marks them as safe spaces for members
of the public who are victims of domestic violence seeking assistance. 
Following specialised training undertaken by 117 members of staff from the
departments in question, the council can offer a protective network for women
who are victims of domestic violence seeking information, assistance,
etc.  The departments include youth, disability, employment, consumer
rights, public attention, sports, communication and culture

training programme was financed by the Tenerife Cabildo and was part of the
larger campaign under the label “Cuenta conmigo, cuento contigo”
(count on me, I’m counting on you).

continue to do everything within our power to stamp out violence against
women.  This is just one of the actions we have developed through the Equality
Council, and made possible through the commitment of the different departmental
councillors and the staff involved”, commented the mayor José Miguel Rodríguez

November the mayor presented this project to public and private bodies and businesses. 
“The first step is taken – the council is committed to leading by example in
training our staff regarding domestic violence and how to deal with victims,
because in each area of the council we can use tools to detect the problem and
work to find an answer.  The mayor also encouraged associate bodies and
businesses to join the network. “No one should be looking away; we cannot
simply say it has nothing to do with us.  This is a societal problem and
we can only end it if we all act”:

be awarded a ‘Punto Violeta’ at least 10% of a workforce need to take part in
an equality and domestic violence prevention training programme.  The
council, through the department of equality, under councillor Desiderio Afonso
Ruiz, offered a free course to workers online – the course details are here (https://www.adeje.es/igualdad/agenda/11049-curso-on-line-introduccion-a-la-igualdad-de-oportunidades-entre-mujeres-y-hombres=). At the same time the council will be
evaluating activities undertaken by other bodies which work towards equality of
opportunity, and the prevention of domestic violence.

Puntos violetas are geo-located through our webpages.  These are safe
spaces for women, with the added benefit of knowing that the staff have
received specific training in the relevant material”, explained the councillor.

Adeje Equality Council and the department of equality are the responsible
bodies in evaluating the evolution of this project.  Revisions will take
place a number of times during the year, and those taking part must make their
adhesion to the project visible to the public as well as preparing an annual
report on activities undertaken in this regard.