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LIBERTY SEGUROS explains the new changes with respect to the so-called Green Card 

As of April 1, the green card -which verifies the validity of Compulsory Liability Insurance for vehicles- will not be longer green and will now be sent by email to policy holders by their insurance provider. In a move that will see more of the sector enter the era of digital transformation, drivers will be able to print their own green cards, with black and white prints on standard A4 paper.

This change has been driven within the decision of The Council of Bureaux,
the organisation acting for the protection of cross-border road traffic and
coordinating the activities of the different EU members of the Green Card
system, to check the validity of Third Party Liability Motor Insurance through
a new centralised single platform. 

Now, using advanced security measures, its
centralised web platform will allow insurers of its member countries to
generate “QR-coded” Green Cards, which will then be sent to policy holders as
downloadable PDFs. So, these documents no longer need to be printed on the traditional,
green-coloured paper and as such, the traditional Green Card may simply become
black and white.

These changes mean that when you are
driving in a Bureaux member country, the authorities will be able to check
automatically, through this platform, if a vehicle is duly insured.

But, despite these changes, LIBERTY
SEGUROS reminds that when you are visiting countries that are not part of the
European Economic Area (such as the UK and Gibraltar), the green card document,
although now a printed version, will be mandatory as it always has been.

In the same manner, insured vehicles from
countries OUTSIDE of The Council of Bureaux and those that are not part of the
European Economic Area (including, UK and Gibraltar-registered vehicles) will also
be required to carry the document whilst driving in Spain.

For LIBERTY SEGUROS, no longer having to
print and post Green Cards in a specified colour and format will be a welcome
change. For policy holders, LIBERTY SEGUROS assures drivers that the new
process is as easy as printing an airline boarding pass.

With the changes that surround Brexit, LIBERTY
SEGUROS understands that there’s a real need for clear and transparent
information regarding changes to driving in Spain, and it remains on-hand to keep
you informed with regard to your obligations as a driver.

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SEGUROS offers a wide range of covers for car insurance that can be tailored to
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For example, with LIBERTY SEGUROS, there’s
no need to declare vehicle accessories if they have been fitted by the
manufacturer; and, in the case of a claim, any luggage or personal belongings are
covered up to 500€.

LIBERTY SEGUROS also offers extended cover
in case of Total Loss or Total Theft at 100% of the value ‘as new’ if the
vehicle is less than 2 years old, or at 80% of the value ‘as new’ if the
vehicle is between 2 and 3 years old. A courtesy car is included as standard for
up to 45 days (35 days for vehicle breakdown) and policy holders are free to
choose a garage of their choice in the event of a claim.

What’s more, LIBERTY SEGUROS has specific
cover for electric vehicles too.

There are other benefits as well. With LIBERTY
SEGUROS there’s no maximum age for drivers – provided they have a valid driving
license – and Roadside Assistance is available from Km.0.

with LIBERTY SEGUROS you can also take out car insurance for UK-plated vehicles
(except for vehicles registered in Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Gibraltar), as
well as cover for classic vehicles and Spanish and UK-registered motorhomes!

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