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Exceltur name Adeje as the top competitive Spanish destination 

José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga took part in the SolyTur online presentation today which looked at 7 top tourism pillars and analysed 87,000 data points from coastal and island destinations

Adeje has been named the most competitive Spanish tourist
destination according to a SolyTur study published today by Exceltur.  The
study, which analysed over 87,000 pieces of relevant data from the different
destinations throughout the country, was presented today at an online
participative event where the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga was also
present.  EXCELTUR, Alianza para la Excelencia Turística (Alliance for
Excellency in Tourism), is a non-profit group formed by the leading Spanish tourist
groups and businesses in the sector.

The mayor underlined the relevance of the study, “an important
working tool which allows us follow specific methods in what is the face of a
singular crisis coming from outside our influence”.  He added that the
data gleaned from the SolyTur study showed that “when we overcome this health
crisis we will have a solid and rapid recovery in tourism”.  On the
importance of this ranking for Adeje, Rodríguez Fraga commented, “what I feel
most is pride in the news, pride in having earned the title for a destination
with synergy, with a very engaged businesses sector, who has risked a lot, who
have committed, and who will move forward.   Costa Adeje is a
destination where the working population have adapted magnificently and we have
been able to send a message to the rest of the world, even from the start of
the pandemic, when we had to close the first hotel here, a message that our
people were ready and had the human and professional capacity to meet this
unexpected and difficult situation head-on”.

Óscar Perelli, the director of study and investigation for
Exceltur, also commented on Adeje’s top placing, stating that the destination
“has an excellent work record in its beaches.  90% of Adeje’s beaches have
teams in place, with terrific services for those wishing to enjoy the coast
line. Adeje also has the capacity to design an urban model that has attracted
high quality hotels, and alongside the hotel offer Adeje has excellent leisure
options, such as the Siam Park water park (voted world’s best water park by
Trip Advisor six  years in a row up to 2019), as well as other leisure
offers nearby.   The destination also has good connectivity with the
Tenerife Sur airport.   80% of the borough’s overnight stays are
regulated, and there is a high concentration of 5-star accommodation. 

“Adeje”, he added, “is also a destination that has a mayor who
works to realise his plans and sees them through to the end, is concerned with
investment, better jobs for workers in the sector, leading in what is
considered a very relevant manner”.

The competitivity monitor for sun and beach destinations –
SolyTur – is part of the work of Exceltur dedicated to analysing determinate
elements in the sector. The objective is to study and strengthen the competitive
element of the principal destinations along the Spanish coastline, and in the
Balearic and Canary Islands.  Altogether 87,000 pieces of data were
collected using 58 different indicators reflecting the distinct competitive
conditions given to improve economic, environmental and social results for each
zone. In the overall ranking Adeje was in first place.  (It is important
to note that this study and the results are based on data gathered
pre-pandemic, in 2019).

“These results are a showcase for the excellence we strive for
in our destination, the stability and dedication we bring to the job, that all
who are involved are dedicated to, the chain of values that influence the
entire borough; it has paid off. These results should help us and those who are
worried about the future of the destination – tourism will generate wealth and
opportunities for everyone in Adeje, that is our main objective”, said the

Adeje came first in a number of areas including maintenance and
valuing the coastline as the destinations principal resource and tourism
attraction.  Access to beaches, nautical sporting options, sailing,
surfing, sea-based excursions, scuba-diving, all played a part in placing Adeje
in the number one spot.

Adeje also claimed top spot in the area of tourism
accommodation, with analysis of the regulation of hotels and other
accommodation options, with economy of scale also taken into
account.   The price: quality ratio considering the hotel offer, the
ease of movement in the destination, the attractiveness of the destination
etc., were another factor in Adeje’s favour.  Diversity of leisure offers
were another plus – golf, family activities, nature treks, night-time
activities, gastronomy, wellness, etc., saw Adeje placed in the top three destinations.  
The Exceltur report also noted as a plus the transversal nature of local
politics in tourism, with a unified strategic vision for tourism in the
destination helped by a coordinated infrastructure, politics of marketing and
promotion and the move by Adeje to be an ‘intelligent tourism destination’.

Exceltur has also underlined where, in general, improvements can
be made following analysis of the data, mentioning the need, as a priority, to
increase financial capacity for tourism destinations in Spain.  Regarding
this latter point, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga added his voice to the debate,
stating that there needs to be a proper recognition of what is a tourism
borough in terms of structural funding.   While European Structural Funding
is something we can take advantage of, he said, it was an extremely complicated
application procedure.  He also said that there was a risk that we would
begin to see only the moves ahead as of relevance – “deify new strategic lines,
which are, obviously fundamental, but we need not to forget what is most
important – infrastructure, tourism infrastructure, and services, which also
have to be maintained, improved and incentivised”.

The report also referred to “endemic financial difficulties
suffered by sun and beach destinations due to an unjust system of local
financing, affecting many of the key resorts and their capacity to meet future
challenges.” Exceltur is looking for immediate resolution of the issue whereby
local tourism boroughs receive funding from the national government for
services (rubbish collection, water supply etc.) based on the number of
registered residents when  often they are catering for triple that number
given their reliance on tourism. They believe there are ways to resolve this
with modification of local tax regulations without having to increase hotel or
overnight stay taxes which would potentially damage the financial competitivity
of those destinations.

The full report, in Spanish, is available here: https://www.exceltur.org/solytur/monitor-de-competitividad-turistica-de-los-destinos-de-sol-y-playa-espanol/#