|Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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‘Best use’ workshop for Food Bank users 

The workshop suggests ways of preserving and using products to aid in household budgeting

Adeje council, with the ‘Mensajeros por la Paz Canarias’
organisation, are organising workshops, in Spanish, ‘Aprovechamiento de los
alimentos’ (good use of food), with the main objective being to help people get
the full benefit out of the dry and fresh goods available through the borough’s
food bank.  At the present time up to 200 families are benefitting from
food bank aid, which is helped by donations from the Fundación Dinosol.

“We are talking specifically about people who are currently
benefitting via the food bank, working to help them make full use of the
products, whether they are fresh or those with a longer shelf life and we are
inviting these people to take part in the workshop, voluntarily.  We look
forward to sharing suggestions and ideas too, in order to get the most out of
what’s on offer”, explained the councillor José Antonio López Delgado.

He added, “This is part of an integrated programme for improving
social inclusion and normalisation, and in parallel opening coordination
channels between the Adeje social services department, the public, and any
institution or body that wishes to work with the food bank.”

The workshop will be given by Sara Méndez Rodríguez, a member of
the Mensajeros por la Paz Canarias organisation.  She will also go through
a series of good preservation methods – freezing, use of vacuum packing,
etc.  The workshop will last for 45 minutes and participants will also be
given suggestions for weekly menus and meal and desert suggestions.