|Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Adeje continue their campaign to upgrade public lighting 

At the moment they are working in the El Madroñal zone

Adeje council’s department of municipal services, under
councillor Esther Rivero Vargas, continues to bring significant change to the
public lighting in the borough.  This is an on-going project to ultimately
change all street lighting from sodium-vapour lighting to LED bulbs.  This
change will see a significant saving in the cost of public lighting and a
notable improvement in the quality of the light in public areas.  
The total investment in the project up to now has been €165,000.

“We have been improving our public lighting over recent years.
Right now the technology allows us to improve the system of illumination, it
lasts longer and there are reduced maintenance costs.  These bulbs have
longer lives than those previously installed”, commented the councillor who
added that the companies hired to oversee the moderations are also based in

Rivero Vargas continued, “We started work on this project in
2019 and it has meant an important investment, time and money, working in
concentrated ways in various zones”.

At the moment teams are working in the El Madroñal area, in the
following streets – El
Almendro, El Moral, El Sauce, El Cardón, La Higuera and the Avenida Kurt Konrad
Meyer. Work has already been carried out in Callao Salvaje, Salvaje, Calle La
Lava, Calle El Jable and the Avenida La Galga. The lighting along the Avenida
Ernesto Sarti, Calle Grande, the Plaza de España and the Avenida de España in
Costa Adeje has also been updated.  Work will continue, adapted to the
needs of each neighbourhood in the borough.