|Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Cops dish out thousands in fines after raiding residents’ BINGO session in the Canaries! 

Police in the Canary Islands have dished out fines totalling thousands of pounds after 18 people were found playing BINGO!

Those who attended, as well as the organisers,
were deemed in breach of the coronavirus safety regulations on Gran Canaria
where Covid infections are still rising and the island is on red alert.

Police raided a residents’ association in the
capital of Las Palmas and seized all the equipment, including the prize money
of around £1,000.

Now, the president of the group is to be fined
for “allowing gambling in an unauthorised establishment” and having
the bingo room open in the first place. The people playing also face sanctions.

Another neighbour is believed to have tipped
off the police  who then burst into the premises mid-game and evicted

A police spokesman confirmed: “The events
occurred on the afternoon of January 19th when, after receiving a call from the
coordinating centre for emergencies and security (CECOES) 1-1-2 of the
Government of the Canary Islands, officers arrived at a neighbourhood
association in the capital of Gran Canaria. After verifying that the activity
was taking place in a place organised to play bingo, the police proceeded to
initiate disciplinary proceedings against those present and seized 1,041.10
euros in cash, a logbook and various material to carry out the illegal

“In the police operation, an act was
drawn up for a serious infraction by the president of the neighbourhood
association for failing to comply with Decree 14/2020, of September 4, when
maintaining activities in the neighbourhood association when Gran Canaria is at
level 3, for which he faces a fine of between 3,001 to 60,000 euros.”

“Likewise, a gaming inspection report was
also drawn up, so this person also faces a possible fine of between 1,500 and
10,000 euros for committing a serious violation of Law 8/2010, of July 15, on
games and betting, which in section b of article 31 indicates as such “allowing
gambling or betting in unauthorised establishments, or by unauthorised persons,
as well as the installation or operation of gaming machines lacking the corresponding
authorisation or without have completed the responsible declaration.”

Those taking part face fines of 120 euros for
their participation in meetings, events or any type of act, in public or
private spaces, in which the celebration restrictions are breached.

“The General Corps of the Canary Police
reminds citizens of the need to maintain the safety and prevention guidelines
against COVID-19, which were updated on January 22 after passing the islands of
Lanzarote and La Graciosa at level 4. Gran Canaria remains at level 3 and El
Hierro goes to level 2, as does Tenerife. Meanwhile, La Palma and La Gomera
retain level 1,” say the police.