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Canaries voice dismay at latest death due to presumed gender violence 

Demonstrations have taken place in Gran Canaria and Tenerife to express revulsion at the latest presumed femicide in the Canary Islands.

During the event, a manifesto was read, condolences were
expressed to family and friends and a banner was unfurled with the message
“No femicide without response, not one more, not one less.”

 President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres,
Minister of Equality, Noemí Santana and director of the Canary Institute for
Equality (ICI), Kika Fumero, presided over the demonstrations in Gran Canaria
and Tenerife on Monday, January 4  in memory of the María Ángeles IE, 66,
allegedly murdered by her partner on December 26 in the municipality of Gáldar
in Gran Canaria.

With this latest death, there are already 96 feminicides due
to gender violence confirmed in the Canary Islands since 2003, when the
official count began.

During the ceremony, the  president read the manifesto
in which he recalled the decision of the Government to “not reset the
counter at the beginning of the year and continue to appoint each one of the
victims of sexist violence, because the opposite would be invisibility and
oblivion ”.

 Kika Fumero said: “The fight against gender violence
is a long-distance race in which the Government, in collaboration with the rest
of administrations, associations and socialising agents such as the media, are
putting everything into our effort. It is a structural problem that affects all
social layers indistinctly and combating it requires measures in all areas that
reverse the inequality that still persists.” 

The resource implemented by the ICI  has made it
possible to provide care, since its creation during confinement in March, to 40
women who were suffering a situation of gender violence. Only in the month of
December, and coinciding with the first advertising campaign in traditional
media carried out by the Government on this resource, they gave shelter and
alerted the Attention Service to Women Victims of Violence 112, 11 women who
felt threatened.

The service for women victims of 112 answered between the
months of January and October: 13,218 calls (43 calls a day), 769 more calls
than in the same period last year (7%) in which 12,449 calls were registered
(an average of 40 daily)

In addition to alerting emergency cases at 112, women or
people around the victim can request information at 016 and consult the closest
resources, quickly, in the REDVICAN mobile app or in the Support Network Guide
on services of attention to women victims of gender violence in the Canary
Islands published on the ICI website.