|Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Police make arrests after armed gang caught robbing casinos in Tenerife 

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the SIEBEN operation, has dismantled a criminal group dedicated to committing robberies with violence in public establishments in Tenerife.

The investigation began on August 28th when two people,
dressed in masks and with clothes to cover their faces, robbed a bank at
gunpoint in the town of Matanza de Acentejo.

“The pair took advantage of the hours near the closure
of the establishment to surprise the workers who were intimidated with firearms
to obtain money from the branch,” said a police spokesman. “The theft
barely reached 200 euros, due to the existing security protocols in banking
entities against the commission of this type of criminal act, avoiding having
cash in the aforementioned establishments.”

A few hours later, the vehicle used for the robbery was
found and information received about the suspects.

“The investigation carried out made it possible to find
out that the same individuals were trying to steal with violence again in a
mini casino located in the municipality of Arona, where they had already been
detected doing surveillance around the place,” said the police.

“Specifically, it was detected that on two occasions
the individuals investigated went to the aforementioned establishment, making a
reconnaissance of the area where it was located.”

On September 12th, the defendants were detected heading to
the south of the island and a police operation was set up around the casino. On
this occasion, there were three individuals with clothes that hid their faces
and a fourth member in a getaway car.

The Civil Guard agents thwarted this attempt, approaching
the robbers and proceeding to arrest them in situ. Two simulated short weapons
with characteristics very similar to a real firearm were intervened at the time
they were carrying out the criminal act.

Three searches were made in homes located in the
municipalities of San Cristobal de La Laguna and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where
a series of objects and garments used by the members of the organisation for
the commission of criminal acts were intervened.

Likewise, as a result of the analysis of said intervened
effects, a fifth member was arrested, being the person who provided the
simulated firearms to the perpetrators, as well as a sixth person in charge of
renting the vehicles with which the criminal acts were carried out.

Finally, thanks to the analysis of the clothing items, it
was possible to find out that the perpetrators were involved in four other
robberies with violence, committed with previous dates, in three mini-casinos
and a supermarket, located in the towns of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and San
Cristóbal de la Laguna.