|Friday, October 30, 2020
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Loro Parque sends message of support to seriously injured zoo keeper 

The female animal keeper seriously hurt when attacked by a gorilla at Madrid zoo remains in hospital two weeks after the shocking incident.

Officials at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium confirmed
in the first official update that she is still being treated for extensive
injuries to her head and chest, with multiple fractures and two broken arms.

Her condition has not been revealed, with the
zoo only saying: “The zookeeper continues in hospital with reserved
prognosis. “

The spokesman also confirmed the gorilla,
Malabo, remains at the zoo.

“The animal is fine, kept at his facility
along with the rest of the gorilla group,” she said.

The zoo also confirmed the investigation into
what happened on the morning of September 27th is still ongoing.

Messages of support have poured in for the
injured keeper, aged 47, the zoo itself and for the welfare of the gorilla who
was reared from birth.

The Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquaria
said: “We wish the keeper a prompt recovery.”

The world-famous Loro Parque Foundation, based
in Tenerife, said: “We extend our most sincere show of support and
encouragement in the face of the delicate situation that recently

“The Madrid Zoo Aquarium reaffirms the
work we do as animal embassies and as genetic reserves that seek, above all,
animal welfare in our care and the conservation of biodiversity. Their multiple
displays of respect and care for animals are demonstrated not only in the
quality of care they provide to the animals that live there, but also in their
participation in projects that seek the protection of different species in
their habitat and the education they give to all visitors, in order to raise
awareness about the importance of acting in favor of nature.”

“We wish the caregiver a speedy recovery
and hope that she can get back to doing the job she loves and has spent so many
years working on as quickly as possible. All our support for her and her family
in such a difficult situation.”